Video: British Comedienne Oyinbo Princess Cooks Nigerian Yam Porridge

oyinbo princess cooks porridge

September 27, 2017 – Video: Naija Wife, Oyinbo Princess Cooks Yummy Looking Nigerian Yam Porridge

British Comedienne Claire Edun popularly called Oyinbo Princess challenged Nigerian slay mamas to a porridge cooking contest today when she uploaded a video of herself cooking porridge for her family.

The entertainer who is happily married to a Nigerian man said she can cook Porridge better than some Naija ladies.

Watch the videos below

The other day she shared an interesting video of herself eating Amala at Tiwa N Tiwa restaurant in Peckham, South East London.

This lady loves anything Nigeria.

She is still happily married to her Nigerian husband, Mr Richard Edun.

2 thoughts on “Video: British Comedienne Oyinbo Princess Cooks Nigerian Yam Porridge

  1. How is this supposed to be news? When have they celebrated an African man for speaking English in Europe? Naija and unnecessary advertisement of people who value you less.

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