Video: Nigerian Bride Refuses To Kiss Husband In Church On Wedding Day In Abia State

nigerian bride cries refuse kiss husband wedding day

May 8, 2017 – Video: Nigerian Lady Cries As She Rejected A Kiss From The Groom In Church On Her Wedding Day In Abia State

Check out this viral video of a lady in Abia state who refused to exchange kiss with her groom during a church wedding ceremony that recently held in Abia state.

Even when guests sprayed money on her, she gave them a ‘who are you’  look as she broke down and cry.

From the look on her face, it seems she was forced into the marriage.

If she can do this in front of her pastor, only God knows the hell she will make the man go through at home. This is an evidence of a loveless union. The love here is one-sided.

7 thoughts on “Video: Nigerian Bride Refuses To Kiss Husband In Church On Wedding Day In Abia State


  2. The stress might be too much for her. The fear of settling down as a wife or may be the thought of another man might have contributed to he demeanor

  3. In this type of situation, the man she really loves either is not ready for marriage or out of the country and she was forced to marry this guy. The husband handled the embarrassment with grace. It is obvious she does not love her husband. The man should quit the union immediately before It is too late. This lady will surely cheat on him when her true love shows up.

  4. Maybe she has no relative and she must have passed through life tortures and been enslaved by people around her OR she discovered on the wedding day that the man has kept a very serious secret from her and she couldn,t cope with him . because from the video ,I expected her mom to be around her.infact everything look strange to me, wedding is meant to consensual agreement and mostly ladies special day.infact ,she shouldn,t have come out in the first place,even if she must come out ,she should have pretend.

  5. This looks like a movie, but if it happened for real, then that’s the same way British joined Nigeria together,knowing fully well that nothing good will come out of love.

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