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Video Of American Boy Reciting Yoruba Poem “Ise Logun Ise” Goes Viral

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Video Of American Boy Reciting Yoruba Poem “Ise Logun Ise” Goes Viral

american boy yoruba poem

September 8, 2016 – Video Of American Boy Reciting Yoruba Poem About To Break The Internet

Nollywood actor Bolaji Amusan Mr Latin recently shared an interesting video of a mixed Nigerian American boy reciting Yoruba poem fluently.

The boy whose name was not disclosed by the actor recited the popular Iselogun Ise poem meaning work is the antidote for poverty in a brilliant manner.

american boy ise logun ise yoruba poem

Watch the viral video below



  1. fifelomo

    September 8, 2016 at 5:40 PM

    Wow, brilliant one.

  2. Big Aunty Koks

    September 8, 2016 at 5:42 PM

    Sweeet !!! But then if Naija blood is there somewhere in the child’s veins, he shares the heritage . Kudos to the parents or guardians who ensure he values that heritage enough to learn the words and recite same.
    God Bless you our son and may you shine on and on !!!

  3. red

    September 8, 2016 at 6:02 PM

    OH WOW ! So cute and adorable.
    Whoever that taught him did a wonderful job and should pls show face in case someone else is interested. Smart boy.

  4. Metu Nyetu

    September 8, 2016 at 7:49 PM

    GOOD. I WOULD have loved it if there was a translation of the poem. Yorubas in the house, could you please do us the favour?

  5. Laila

    September 9, 2016 at 2:38 AM

    Logun ise

    Ise Logun ise [Work is the antidote for poverty]
    … Mura si se re, ore mi [Work hard and work smart, my friend]
    Ise la fi ndeni giga [Hard and smart work brings success]
    Bi a ko ba reni fehin ti [When there is no one to rely on]
    Bi ole la ri [Its like we are lazy]
    Bi a ko ba reni gbekele, [When there is no one to trust]
    A te ra mo se ni. [We focus more on our work]
    Iya re le lowo lowoh [Your mother might be rich]
    Baba re le lesin lekan [Your father might own a thousand and one horses]
    Ti o ba gbojule won [If you rely on them]
    O te tan ni mo so fun o [In truth, you might be on sinking ground]

    Apa lara igupa ni ye kan [families are like the arm, while extended family are like the elbow]
    B’aiye ba fe o loni [If you are loved by the world today]
    Ti o ba lowo lowo, won a tun fe o lola [If you are still rich, they will love you tomorrow as well]
    Abi ko wa nipo atata [If you have an esteemed position]
    Aiye a ye o si terin terin [You will be honored with “fake”laughter]
    Je ki o deni ti ra ngo [If you unfortunately loose your money or position]
    Ko ri bi won ti nyin mu si o [They’ll turn their back on you]

    Iya mbe fomo ti ko gbon [There is suffering for the foolish child]
    Ekun mbe fomo ti nsare kiri [and there is sorrow for the child that have no plan or vision]
    Mafowuro sere ore mi [Don’t waste your formative years, my friend]
    Mura sise ojo nlo. [work hard and plan well now, because time waits for no one]

    That’s the Translation Metu Nyetu

  6. Maryf

    September 9, 2016 at 11:30 AM

    @ Laila who asked you to recite and explain the poem busy body

    Is not a big deal maybe his mother is from yoruba and probably teaches him

  7. Metu Nyetu

    September 9, 2016 at 1:31 PM

    @LAILA, I meant in English. Thanks all the same!

  8. Laila

    September 9, 2016 at 11:06 PM


    There is English translation beside each yoruba word..

    @maryf Pls keep it moving…ain’t nobody ghat ur time..


  9. sola olaniyi

    September 10, 2016 at 10:38 AM

    brilliant boy

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