Video & Photos: Ifeoma Uzoma, Nigerian Igbo Woman With American Accent Selling Ogiri @ Owerri Market

ifeoma uzoma

June 2nd, 2017 – VVideo & Photos: Ifeoma Uzoma, Nigerian Igbo Woman With Thick American Accent Selling Ogiri @ Relief Market Owerri Imo State

Meet Ifeoma Uzoma, a Nigerian born American citizen who recently returned to Nigeria.

She is now working as a street hawker at Relief Market in Owerri Imo State.

The middle aged woman who reportedly returned home due to her failing mental state is said to be doing very well in Nigeria as she is monitored by family members.

igbo woman thick american accent selling ogiri

She sells a local condiment for soups (Ogiri) at the aforementioned market in Owerri, the capital city of Imo State.

Ifeoma Uzoma Contact Phone Number

According to a trader at Relief Market Owerri, Mrs Frankline Chioma, the hawker identified as Ifeoma Uzoma can be reached at 07034353457.

She became popular after a video of her marketing Ogiri in English and Igbo went viral.

Watch the trending video below:

11 thoughts on “Video & Photos: Ifeoma Uzoma, Nigerian Igbo Woman With American Accent Selling Ogiri @ Owerri Market

  1. LAST time was a clean and well dressed man selling kpof kpof in cross river state as people showered praises for his humane and biz dress is this lady with yanky accent ,may she be lifted into the spot light like the lagos bread seller..who knows what she passed thru..may be those nannies de bring come yanky and used as slaves..may our good lord bless your hustle.

  2. Na this nonsens English you are say na America? Maybe you are say my own is also America or Briten or Canada.

  3. She’s certainly got the flair for making people pay attention to what she is doing. Very interesting…. Don’t know her accent as American though; perhaps if she had punctuated everything with “mehnnnn ” one might think so since na mehnnnn mehnnnn de full those people talk.
    Whatever the accent, may God bless her enterprise!

  4. Guys why do you people got a lot of interest to find out where she comes from. The most important thing is that she has created a method to do her business, be it American accent, Liberia, Ivory Coast or even Igbo nation that’s does not matter. Would you appreciate if she stays home begging or prostituting? You guys over there has a lot of time. Find a way to appreciate her and encourage her and others because there is too much hunger in the country. Thanks!

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