Watch Shiloh 2012 Winners Chapel Live Online Now From CanaanLand

watch shiloh 2012 live online

Dec 6th, 2012 – Watch Shiloh 2012 Winners Chapel Live Online From Canaan Land

Shiloh 2012 program which started on Dec 4 is now live.

You can access the live streaming site by visiting

Note: If you experience any issue with the online viewing site for Shiloh 2012 look below for technical support information. Give them a call for guidance.

You can join Shiloh 2012 online radio at or

watch Shiloh 2012 live from the comfort of your home by visiting

Shiloh 2012 Online Live Broadcast

Shiloh 2012 starts Dec 4 through Dec 8.

If you are still unable to access the live streaming site, visit the radio site at and try the live broadcast at few minutes later.

For technical support call the technical department at 234 8098782809 or 2348098782819 or email

52 thoughts on “Watch Shiloh 2012 Winners Chapel Live Online Now From CanaanLand

  1. OMG thank you for this timely information. I have been trying to access their official website for a while.


    • Really Shiloh has kicked off, am in abuja here and the same fire in Ota is burning here.I feel so happy to be a part of this double portion agenda. God bless you my Bishop, with much love,

    • Thanks to this site. I got in to the radio section, it was very clear. I really enjoyed the service through all the night. Thanks for this information

  2. Glory, its a reality. Shiloh has began and the impact is already speaking, OMG I can’t wait oh. Indeed the double portion agenda has started happening to me. Thank you my bishop for undertaking this impactful task. Watch out for worship Monday concert live from Winners Campus Fellowship, University of Abuja in 2013, for contact 08030819349, 07032723605

  3. Unable to watch Shiloh 2012 with my BB have tried and it refused to open. What it keep showing was the event and the program. What else will I do?

  4. Here in kabba kogi state l.F.C it realy hapenin God power is manifetin and by dis media my double portion is at hand.Glory!

  5. Glory,It is showing, but slightly slow,but the power of God is not Slow, so just key into it and Tap your double portion.From Brother Udogwu, Felix.Shell Road, Sapele.

  6. Pls help me,I can’t listen to the shiloh live broadcast on my blackberry. Is there anything I shld download,or is there anything I’m not doing.I went to and it wasn’t successful.pls help

  7. I thank God for the things he has done and things he has said to do in my life and the lifes of others in this shiloh 2012

  8. Thank God He ordain my foot step to winners chapel where He made me a winner indeed. Glory!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This year has been a great one for i and my family n extended family.God has been so so faith.This event is the crowning of of it all.

  10. its fun being able to watch it outside Nigeria. I bless the name of GOD, for such an opportunity. I pray we all have our own encounter IJN.

  11. I’m a winner locating in the north-easting Nigeria.precisely Damaturu Yobe state despite the insecurity i tap my own double portion of blessings. God bless winners worldwide. Tnx God

  12. I found d right place called home where i will elope 2 d supernatural home a place prepared 4me by my father d king of glory..we in ikorodu church shd show d love of christ shown in oda branches n as stated by christ n father in d faith

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