Who Is After Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Life? See His Police Escorts & Bodyguards..Photos


apostle suleman police escorts body guard

Feb 1st, 2018 – Who Is After Apostle Johnson Suleiman’s Life? See His Police Escorts And Bodyguards [PHOTOS]

Controversial Auchi church founder, Apostle Johnson Suleman has been moving around recently with police escorts and hefty body guards.

The Auchi miracle-man who is trying to prove to Nigerians that someone somewhere is after his life was spotted in the midst of police escorts in his last church programme .

As the “Miracle man” arrived his church on Sunday, police escorts were seen opening the door of his vehicle while several others surrounded him as he walked into the church premises.

Nigerians on the social media were quick to criticize him for moving around with security escorts while selling holy oil and stickers to his church members for protection.

who is after apostle suleman life

Here are some reactions his new move generated online;

It seems Suleman is indirectly telling Nigerians that someone is after his life to further make Stephanie Otobo’s fake confession look real.

Drama never ends with the Auchi “miracle-man”.