“Why Kidney Disease Is On The Rise In Nigeria” – West Africa’s 1st Nephrology Nurse, Grace Omotosho


grace omotosho nephrology nurse

January 3rd, 2016 – “Why Kidney Disease Is On The Rise In Nigeria” – West Africa’s First Nephrology Nurse

Meet Mrs Grace Omotosho, Nigeria,West Africa’s first Nephrology Nurse.

In this recent chat with Yetunde Oladeinde, Mrs Omotosho explains why kidney diseases are on the rise in Nigeria.

Hear her:

“Kidney problem is on the rise because a lot of people are careless. There are so many of our people with blood pressure, with different problems such as diabetes that are treated. In addition, I would say that a lot of people do not know that they should rest well. And then they just take food and drugs that they do not know about.

Now most people are stressed out because of the condition of the country and when they go into renal failure, we really need to look after them. I take care of myself. My husband and I do not stress ourselves; and I have been consistent with this over the years. We go on holidays and we come back strong to face the situation here in Nigeria.”

For young people, whether male or female my advice is that they should take life easy and not opt for the fast lane. They can also see what is going on in their environment; that it is not business as usual. Nigeria is a race in a hurry, they should not look at other people’s wealth; they should build their own.”

Nephrology is the study of the kidneys and the environment.