Why Peter Okoye Didn’t Attend Brother’s, Jude Okoye’s Wedding In Anambra

peter okoye jude wedding

July 17, 2014 – Why Peter Okoye Didn’t Attend Brother’s, Jude Okoye’s Wedding In Anambra

As we all aware that Psquare elder brother, Jude did his traditional wedding today in Anambra.

As we speak, his younger brother Peter is not in Anambra.

According to sources close to the family, Peter Okoye stayed in Lagos instead of following his brother to his bride’s home town in Anambra because Jude Okoye didn’t attend his wedding last year.

In December 2013, Peter Okoye and his baby mama, Lola Omotayo got married in Lagos but Jude lied that he’s out of the country.

We later found out Jude intentionally shunned Peter’s wedding because he didn’t like Lola Omotayo.

Few hours ago, Peter Okoye took to his instagram page to post a picture of himself in Lagos with a friend.

He tagged the photo SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

One hour ago, he also shared a photo of himself chilling at their Squareville mansion in Lagos.

Well it is pay back time for alleged tribalist Jude Okoye who attended Paul Okoye’s wedding and shunned Peter’s wedding because he didn’t like his wife.

32 thoughts on “Why Peter Okoye Didn’t Attend Brother’s, Jude Okoye’s Wedding In Anambra

  1. Peter that is good,eye for eye,that useles tribalist idiot call himself Jude,he dont kwon whats time is it,2014,afterall is not ur twins brother,cos twin stay forever.

  2. two brothers one blood leaving there life good before women get in between.Onces things started going down in two brothers life belive me there is a devil in the family.Sorry to say this either one of the wife is doing JUJU cause Nigeria girls are so desperate for rich husband or one of the inlaws are not good people.please both peter and his brother should seek a spiritual help immediately b4 things get out of hand.you guys are so close that no intruder should come in between u guys.you guys are Igbo and Igbo men are the best husband as far as am concern and the truth. If both of you hv married Igbo or white it would hv been better.Tell them to call Pastor Alex Omokudu Wish them all the best.

  3. peter wat u did doesn’t show sine of maturity although wat jude did was rong,bt u dn’t hv 2 tell d whol world dat ur diff.is stil on.This problem is going 2 ruin ur pple career if not handl wit wisdom.

  4. Immature act,Peter should have demonstrated a wise move by attending Jude’s wedding. Bad blood causes blindness.

  5. This girl called lola is devil incarnate, how can a woman just come to a home under a month and everywhere is scattered, hmmm, God pls remove bad women from our young boys life, peter you married the wrong wife, chase her away now or you will know no peace, follow your mother advice b/4 she died

    • beno you are a Bonzo. Have you ever met any of these people to know who is good bad or a devil.Am sure you are a bus conductor or you wont just open your mouth and make judment on people you dont know. Though I dont know you, dont want to know you what you wrote here show the type of person you her and i hope to God if you have a sister or daughter the same you are saying here will be said about them.

  6. in dat case, am to blame Jude: Y did he lied against his broda dat he travelled outside d country not knowing his wrath is of his broda’s newly wife. what a mess, I ve a question to my above frnds who express dia feelings towards dis childishly act of Jude. Is Jude d one getting married to Lola den y did bear grudge of something of nothing but d most funniest tin dat (DO ME I DO U) is one de album they released n dat’s d end of my judgment.

  7. peter is been control by his be-witch wife, no doubt abt dat! completely rubbish of him and act of immaturity. pay back or no pay back do u ve to post on de internet? rubbish!

  8. In a family one person always bring peace. Peter you would have gone to show him that you are matured. This is a proof that you people doesn’t know God because a heart that know God will always forgive and do good.

    This kind of thing happened to me. My twin brother was doing his traditional wedding he did nt invite or even told me just because my parents was totally against him marrying at that time because he was under aged and the woman is older than him then I was in the University. I called him ask him to pray and give himself a little time since he was twenty years then, that was only my offense, he went and told his wife and I turned to their enemy. But not minding the past, when I was wedding I went to his house with drink and invitation card. So Peter wouldn’t have paid him back after all is God that judge.

  9. pls we shuld knw dat this nt an issue of tribe, if a family those nt like u & u manager to come in it is left 4 u to prove them wrong that u re nt what they think u re by showing dem love nt by making fight each other. peter would hav try 2 show some luv & maturity by attending cous this issue is nt dem it will affect but their children.

  10. I thought that this issue have been settled, Peter you should attend the marriage because Blood is thicker than water.And keep everything for God.

  11. I don’t blame Peter,I blame the senior dat started it…. But more blame goes to our yoruba wife,who should have done everything to convince the husband to attend that wedding…. Since you came in and they did not like you,your attitude should potray you as the best thing that ever happened in their brother’s life…..a wife should be a symbol of peace and not a symbol of anarchy….by virtue of marriage,lola is the first wife married into dat family…. She had the first grandchild and so,nomatter what has happened she should show herself as the first woman by getting ur husband do some things bcos of you…it is bcos of Lola he failed to attend,I believe bcos of her too,he could attend to show u that love if he was difficult to convince….. He will do it 4 love!

  12. These guys are just half bake and lack maturity .their music prows is just God grift.immagine this kind of behavior to brothers ,check out what their real life is .probably overwhelm by wealth.even the way they show it is simply showing lack of coordinated lifestyle . They show grownup.

  13. Peter u made a huge mistake u should have go there just to tel ur broda dat life z notin dat nobody knws tomorow,some of ur fans ar not hapi wit u includ i myself.pls try to apologise to him as ur elder broda nd to ur fans also.

  14. Peter ,I love your music n I play it everyday in the uk,you should be more matured having travelled out and exposed to the outside world.No matter what u should have attended your brother’s wedding.secondly I have never met or know n.qq qLola but from her words and comments on the social media speaks a lot of the kind of per s on she is.I rearly hear Anita speak or make comments.I mean as a matured woman why should she respond to fans!…Am not against her tribe any one can marry from anywhere.Pls look after those lovely children and as top causes as big problems by the time I get to your age Lola my children will be over 18yrs…plsssss u never no tomorrow so humble and stay cool as for Peter grow up.

  15. D anger for a brother doesn’t reach to d bones. IGBO PROVERB. Peter u didn’t act mature. Unforgiveness does a great deal more danger to d container in which it is stored dan d vessel on which it is poured. And to forgive is to set a prisoner free & discover d prisoner was ur very self. Am disappointed. PONDER.

  16. I don’t like this,Peter calm down,lola pls.you will be the one that will settle this quarrel,I must tell you the truth and the earlier you start the better for u.

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