Why US President Obama Refused To Visit Nigeria By Perry Brimah

obama visit nigeria

April 20, 2014 – Why US President Barack Obama Refused To Visit Nigeria By Perry Brimah

Barrack Hussein Obama is not only the leader of the most powerful nation on earth, but he is the celebrated black president of the United States. Love him or not, he is at a pinnacle for the black race on the earth today. However, the black president of America has thus far refused to visit the biggest black nation in the world and by all projection, will not do so till he completes his second term as U.S. president if things remain the same with Nigeria. Why will Obama not visit Nigeria? Here are some of the reasons:

obama refuse visit nigeria

The Nigerian government is a bunch of bandits.

The military leadership of the nation aids and abets terrorists.

The military leadership of Nigeria lies that it has freed captive girls.

Repeat: The military leadership of Nigeria lies that it has freed captive girls.

Nigeria’s military chiefs, ministry of defense and heads of state security lead the deliberate massacre of innocent civilians and soldiers.

Abuja, the nation’s capital is the residence of thieves and hideout of terror sponsors.

Abacha, a dictator, killer and treasury looter is honored in Nigeria.

Al Mustapha, M.K.O. Abiola’s wife’s murderer and an Abacha marksmen team leader is freed.

Bayelsa, the home state of Nigeria’s president is the most toxic piece of land on planet earth with 40 oil spills recorded every month.

Nigeria pollutes the sea more than any oil producing nation on earth.

Nigeria today does not arrest sponsors of terror whose money now finances Al Shabaab and Al Qaeda.

There are more kidnappings in Nigeria than any nation.

Nigeria currently hosts the most dangerous high sea piracy events on the planet.

Nigeria this 2014 has succeeded in scoring the highest number and worst cases of death and violence from terror than any nation on earth.

Nigeria’s youth are the most deprived on the planet, considering the nation’s immense wealth.

Nigeria’s government steals from almajiri (beggars), the youth and unemployed to give to the government bloated thieves and Cabal.

Nigeria is the only nation on earth that rather than developing is regressing.

$20-127 billion dollars, oil revenue has been stolen by Nigeria’s government officials and their partner, billionaire Cabal. #WhereIsOurMoney?

Nigeria’s fourth republic civilian regimes are worse than its military dictator regimes.

Nigeria has an oil goddess, Diezani Allison-Madueke.

Nigeria has achieved the highest level of government corruption ever recorded in the history of planet earth.

And finally:

Not only is Nigeria’s government clueless, and recklessly hopeless, but so are its people also recognized to be for permitting such a Cabal regime and system to remain in power.

There have been civilians like Gandhi and soldiers like Rawlings who have walked their nations out of the mess, but of its 168 million victims of the treacherous, lootocratic fourth republic, Nigeria does not have a single civilian or soldier, talk less thousands willing and able to deliver its children, elders and most helpless.

This is why president Obama does not only not visit, but does not even talk of or remember Nigeria, a nation in a new dark age.

About the author: Dr. Peregrino Brimah, https://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of NaijaGists.com.

30 thoughts on “Why US President Obama Refused To Visit Nigeria By Perry Brimah

  1. The writer of this article is a terrorist and is worthy to be kept behind bars. This writter saw nothing good but things as bad in my beloved country Nigeria. He who has nothing good to contribute for the progress of Nigeria is not worthy to be a Nigerian. Who is Obama? Let him not come. He refused to come simply beceause our government refused to endorse gay. God’s presence is what we need most. It is true that the devil has used many people to harm this country, but, God is still using many to make things work better. All the “Egyptians” you are seeing today shall be seen no more. Is a matter of time!

    • @ Burkina Faso, the write is not a terrorist. He does not deserve to be kept behind bars. He only stated the glaring TRUTH. Your comments reflects typical of corrupt leadership in Nigeria which is why truth is never told. People are extremely living in fear because they will immediately be eliminated one who says the truth. Yes, Nigeria made a great impact in the world in criminalizing homosexuality but keep in mind that that’s not the only sin on the planet. The last time I checked, “thou shall not steal is one of the commandments.” The leaders steal public funds and pay people like you to keep their mouths shut. As is everything, there is time. Nigeria will change for good. But all hands are needed: “God who made you without your contribution will not save you without your efforts.”

  2. Nigerians deserve whatever treatment they are getting from these present set of looters. Today, you can hardly convince a Nigerian to vote or support a cause without “greasing his palm” with Naira votes. That is why the likes of late Gani and Femi Falana will never win elections in Nigeria; they won’t grease palms. You can’t vote for rascals and expect compassionate and human leadership. You reap what you sow. Disgusting country!

  3. Obama is not the solution to our problem, all we need now is Gods intervention. I strongly believe that Nigeria will be one of the best nation someday

  4. Nonsense! These are theatrical reasons. Nigerian problems are caused by Nigerians and must be solved by Nigerians.

  5. I dont believe any of this facts, He knows quite alright why he doesnt want to visit nigeria, f**k obama, nigeria wont be part of GAY, It cant be legalised in nigeria if that is why you wont visit, because GEJ refused to accept the bill, f**k all of you that wants to introduce gay into the world, we know what you idiots are up to, God did not say we should practise gay mr obama. f**k your not visiting nigeria.

  6. Ng is a sick nation,sory to say this,everybody knows,may God let not this sicknes
    kill Ng.Mugabe called Ng a very corrpt nation they are fighting him,is it a lie,Amer.is a very serious nation,I begin to wonder why Afrc leaders, politicians are rogues,lotters and embezllers,look at a crss section of them,in ng.aviation,police,pension board,immigrt,exam leakages,pipeline,oil sector,election rigging,sex for marks and promotion bomber spies among armies etc etc Lag.DPO raped detained female on a cornerside bed in his office, all these are evidences of ineffective,bad,corrupt top that did not pass good examples to followers.Thats why u see in naija medical doctor who is pipeline vandal,university graduate kidnapper,university student armed robber.Somebody said we dont need Obama but God,note God doesnt come down,he sends ppl.America is not like this.ok leave america alone,Ghana our brother beside us is not like this.You politicians Awolowo and Azikwe were not like this.Remember six feet,All these bombings,kidnappings b4 most ng ppl read and hear these news we have seen them on tv here.let God arise and let the enemies of Ng progress and peace be SCATTERED IJN.

  7. D future of Nigeria is in d able hands of God almighty.
    D only tin dat can move d hands dat moves d Universe, is prayer. Fervent one @ dat.
    Obama cld‘ve conviniently ovalook all d barriers d writer stipulated above n still come 2 d aid of Nigeria had GEJ nt signed d Anti-gay Law. Which 2 me, is 1 of d outstanding achievements so far.

  8. Why do we not come out and fight for what is right in these nation, so that our so call leader may know that enough is enough and that the right things should be implemented to bring changes to these nation call nigeria

  9. All d countries Obama had visited so far, wat change has he made there, nottin, so we don’t need him in 9ja, period, wat we need in dis country is God intervention, sure d country leads r corrupt rome wasn’t build in a day, we need somebody like Idiagbon again d come n correct tins

  10. My good beautiful people of Nigeria ,why are going to pause,look,calculate,ask questions,get the correct answer before we leap or jump to conclusion.why all this insult on on Obama. Did any of you hear a live broadcast by Obama or any American bodied that all those things listed by Dr peregrino is the reason why they will not visit ? when did Nigeria send their invitation to America or their president ?let’s not be complete followers in every issue,try and lead in some aspect in your life.All this write up is what Dr peregrino thought in his/her head,his own personal thinking,his idea and belief not a documented fact.Goodluck or Obama did not give any speech about all this things stated here.

    Naijagist.com made it clear in a darker writing at the end of the article that what you saw there was the author’s view and his alone.just like chiose said,what we need is God and not man or man-made power.leave other people’s state alone and fix yours,is only in Nigeria that a man’s house will be on fire with his kids trapped inside shouting for help while he stands there checking if the story his wife told him about mama Nkechi injury from the fight she had with her husband and big the injury is.Let’s voice out our thought on how to save this our state that is rolling down the mountains with monstrous speed before it crashes to bits with everything in it plus the rich that will fly off to same state before the landing and abandon us the less privilege here.Ekenekwa mu una.

  11. I like how conservative Nigerians are. Nigerians are fundamentally religious people despite all the bad things that are almost becoming synonymous to Nigeria. It is based on this that everyone is celebrating Obama not coming to Nigeria. However, during his first term, he visited Ghana and few other African countries skipping Nigeria. I do not blame him. If Nigeria is really serious with their moral stance, then (1) her(our) military would have fought to free those innocent little angels who those devil incarnates kidnapped which they LIED to have freed. (2) Boko haram should not be in existence today. They have no sane cause they are fighting for. “Boko Haram” means Western Education is forbidden and yet they use western innovated and made ammunitions to execute their devilish mission. Our leaders are dumb-blind-morons. What separates humans from animals is rationality. There are no display of that in Nigeria. (3) Our education system should have improved. We have the resources, man power, great skills and yet they remain moribond. Only one thing is holding Nigeria backwards. Nigeria will start moving forward the day men and women will rise up to let our voices be heard that enough is enough. It is easy. Please do not start wondering how this is realisable. It starts from the polling boots. Our people should refuse anything that looks like bribes. Nigerians are like Esau who accepted porridge yam to give up his birthright. Do not expect good leadership when you sell out votes of good willed people. When we cultivate this type of mentality, we would not need to beg Obama(and other world leaders) to come to our beautiful nation. Then, there would be no surprise that Nigeria is the most celebrated nation in the world.

  12. Let us tell ourselves the truth and treat each case the way we will want it to be treated if we happen to find ourselves in similar situation.If you are Obama tell red the truth will you risk your live to come to Nigeria this time when solid crime is trending in and out of the state as if crime is the new found drugs for. cancer and AIDS.The almighty ABUJA,WHICH IS THE ROCK AND FATHER OF NIGERIA STATE IS NO LONGER SAVE FROM THE WALKING DEAD MEN CALLED BOKO.Why will any sensible president visit or show remorse when our father was seen dancing makosa and showing all his teeth in a beautiful smile less than few hours when more than 300 of his kids lost their lives in his very compound. DAMN YOU HEARTLESS BASTARDS(D FUCKED UP LEADERS). If our leaders passport and that of their kids and followers are to be size today,making sure that no Nigeria citizens big or small should leave Nigeria or bank outside Nigeria,boko haram,fulani herdsmen,kidnappers and other documented crime will disappear like a shadow.They will make every village a better London because we are too fucking rich to provide it for our citizens.Back to the issue st hand,make Nigeria a better place ourselves because the needed things for this is in our hands,starring at us all this while,53 years no be small pikin,if na woman you don enter menopause,if na man you sabi wetin dey unless you are a hooligan.leave other presidents that made their state a paradise for their citizens and make yours one,then invite them and see if they will refuse.God bless Nigeria and set us free.

  13. I don’t agree with the writer.Obama refused to come because Jonathan refused to sign same-sex marriage into law.Nigeria will not condone evil and abomination.We respect God and his teachings,our culture sees those things as taboo.Same-sex marriage will not be permitted in Africa!

  14. Nigeria is developing.It is going through a surgical change that will eventually become a better place to live in.Those who are trying through many evil means to destabilize Nigeria are being wiped by the effects of its change.Gradually Nigeria will emerge better and stronger in all ramifications.Those stooges,the terrorists,religious extremists and the political destractors should know that Nigerians have resolved to be firm and resolute in pursuing their dream of a better Nigeria where peace,development in infrastructure and technology abound.We all need prayers and action to overcome this forces!

  15. Thank you sir for that great comment. No reasonable world leaders will want to be seen with this criminal president BaDLUCK and other Nigerian criminal politicians in the most corrupt city in the entire world. Take it or leave, president Badluck Jonathan will end up as the worst president in Nigerian history come 2015. I agree completely with the writer’s comment.

  16. Yesssss,God made u without ur contributn wll not save u without ur efforts…we nigerians need to do some thing not stupid obama>gay master

  17. We Nigerians keep deceiving ourselves hidden under religion saying “God’ll help Nig.” How many ppl embrace holiness & true worship in Nig? Is it with this pseudo Christianity that ppl practice today that will make God come to our aid? Besides, God had so blessed this country with everything, and we allow just a fraction, very minute in number to sit on all of us, while we keep suffering & smiling, too bad, the earliar we wake-up to our responsibility & ready to do whatever it takes to throw out all the tyrants we call leaders the batter for us, otherwise, Nig will continue growing in corruption, poorverty, crime and all sort of evil vises. I rest my case.


  19. Yes the writer of the article is a terrorist indeed. Put Jonathan there for 10 years and we are ruined as a nation. Where are the Chibok girls to say the least.

  20. Nigeria’s deliverance will come from God, not human beings who can die at anytime and perish. So help us GOD !

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