Drama In Court As Wife Trashes Husband Over S*x Starvation

wife divorces husband abuja

March 10, 2016 – Wife Divorces Husband Over Inability To Satisfy Her In Bed, Drama In Abuja Court As Couple Exposes Dirty Secrets

By NaijaGists.com

Today Thurday the 10th of March 2016, a Lugbe Grade 1 Area Court, Abuja,dissolved 10 months marriage between Usman Aisha and her husband, Ibrahim for starving the wife of sex.

In his judgment, the judge, Mr Garba Ogbede, said that the marriage had broken down irretrievably and efforts to reconcile them proved abortive.

“Since both parties consented to the dissolution of their marriage, this court has no choice than to dissolve the marriage.

“The couple can no longer stay together because the marriage has broken down totally; both parties are no longer husband and wife, they are free to go their separate ways.

“Both parties are to keep the peace all the time; any violation of the order should be reported to the police for redress,” Ogbede held.

Aisha of Aco Estate, Airport Road, Abuja, had approached the court for dissolution of the marriage because Ibrahim refused to satisfy her during love making.

She said that she spend one month with Ibrahim after their marriage and he always arose her but refused to satisfy her when making love to her.

“ I pleaded so bitterly to him to satisfy me but he refused to change,’’ She said.

Aisha said that whenever she called him so that they could sit and discuss the issue, he would threaten to beat her.

She said that she had reported the matter to both parents but nothing changed.

“I intentionally left our house for months after he refused to change but he never care to look for me.

“Though when I was with him for one month, he feeds me well, but when it comes to sex matters it will turn to fight. I am a woman and I have feelings for him.

“He has failed in his matrimonial obligations, I am totally fed up, please sir, separate us. I am no more interested in the marriage,’’ Aisha added.

She begged the court to dissolve the marriage because she did not want to offend God and to enable her move on with her life.

Ibrahim denied all the allegations but conceded to the dissolution of the marriage because he was also fed up with the union.

“I take good care of her and provide all she wants. Please my Lord, do as she wishes, I have tried my best to settle with her but all my effort prove abortive. I am also fed up,’’ he said.


16 thoughts on “Drama In Court As Wife Trashes Husband Over S*x Starvation

  1. Chai… Guys in d houz, pls check dis out wt me, & I quote…“I pleaded so bitterly to him to satisfy me BUT he refused to change“

    WHAT??? Is dis 4 Real? Can dis eva really happen? If d man doesnt love d woman y did he marry her in d 1st plc?

    Dia z no way u wll just keep a wyf at home n all u do is feed her up wt food dat wll meet all her need(s)
    For crying out loud, she‘s nt just ur hauz maid, she‘s ur wyf.

    Such attitude can destroy any marriage. U do nt love her bc love is all abt giving, EMOTIONAL attachment n sacrifice.
    After all said n understood, I plead 2…


  2. Sometimes women are the cause of men starving them of sex, by this I men that some women don’t know how to keep clean, if you keep your down bushy and un washed, you can’t expect clean man to make love to you, some women don’t even keep clean hairs, smallish mouth smallish down part, listen guys if I touch you or notice any odor either from your mouth or from the down, I can never ever make love to you again, I will not even come near you how much more of making love to you no matter how beautiful you may be, my advice to women is try to keep your down clean always, no odor that is a pride of a woman, you will see some big girls with flashy cars and dresses but down there is a pit toilet. Women be wise

    • Peters, if that be the case, methinks the man could have told the wife; he could have helped her to keep clean. There is nothing I see here than outright wickedness. The man does not love her anymore. How could you arouse a woman and keep her hanging? But he would make sure that he satisfies himself. If the woman was smelling, he would not have come this far. Peters, abeg leave the woman alone. The man na wicked man.

  3. D Hunter yes it can happen because sex is one of d secret to a happy marriage, once its lacking den they is a problem. What is marriage without sex?

  4. The simple truth is that the man fell out of love with the woman if there was love in the first place, my dear move on with your life and forget the man after all marriage nor be by force.

  5. but the other simple truth again is the if you tell you woman that she is not smelling good in her under they usually feel bad or feel you just insulted them , whether in a polite way or cool manner , i need answer 4 dat , naija jisters

  6. May be is the problem of impotent, low sperms count, the joy stick cannot stand very well to satisfy the woman. Please men if you have this type of problem, please go for treatment before entering into marriage. Kakki no be leather!

  7. 70/80% of marriages crash because of sex. We all know it’s the paramount thing in marriage, God made it so

  8. The man will go outside and satisfy himself neglecting his wife. Of course he will not vow that as he’s sex starving his wife, he’s not satisfying himself. This is pure wickedness and selfishness.

  9. If the man isn’t cheating on his wife,definitely his not complete as a man. I think he should look for solution to his problem instead of divorce

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