Wise Sayings By Comedian Julius Elenu

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August 18, 2013 – Wise Sayings By Comedian Julius Elenu

Ace comedian Julius Elenu recently dropped a powerful quote of the day on his Twitter page.

Check it out below;

“Half naked girls are hot, while well dressed girls are beautiful.. Hell is hot while heaven is beautiful. The choice is yours”

wise sayings heaven hell

Hmmm… Here lies wisdom.

18 thoughts on “Wise Sayings By Comedian Julius Elenu

  1. @ jozi; which one u share for twitter?
    bad bele! na quote e write, abi elenu tell u say e be d originator?
    Instead make u comment on quote, u dey attack……

  2. Bro,na true u tlk o…… Idiot @thoze wey tlk xay u copy am frm net…..,y kn’t they alxo copy it n make pple learn frm it…..

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