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Wole Soyinka: Bola Ige’s Death Deserves Justice Latest News Updates

Wole Soyinka: Bola Ige’s Death Deserves Justice

Wole Soyinka

Sunday August 14, 2011 – Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka yesterday revisited the assassination of former Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice Chief Bola Ige in December 2001 and said those who were responsible should be brought to trial.

Professor Soyinka, who spoke at the investiture of Ade Oyenekan as the 45th president of Rotary club of Ikeja District 9110, Nigeria, where he featured as the guest speaker also condemned past leaders for their misrule which sent some citizens into what he described as internal exile.

Soyinka spoke on the topic: “The Impact of Exile on Home Video”, where he likened former key political players as “movie directors and masters of Nollywood films that never took place”.

He said, “to put originality to it, the actors don’t feature as living stars but as exiles, specifically the non-recallable exiles, who cannot comment on the challenges of their roles in the videos . These stars are those the actor tried so hard to terminate prematurely. I liken it to my own experience because his film script never got me.

“The director tried to send actors like Abraham Adesanya prematurely into permanent exile. The God of luck was on Abraham Adesanya who kept acting till luck ran out on him.

Bola Ige’s attempt to restore ‘power’ in the country was sabotaged by omnipotent Obj. So before we start crucifying al-Mustapha, let’s check first the movie director.

The wicked have done their worst and should be brought to trial for their martyrdom. Unfortunately, I might not be there to witness it”.

Professor Soyinka who dedicated the lecture to his late friend Banjo Solarin said “There are many forms of exile including terminal exile. There is the internal exile also called ‘Sidon look exile’.

This form of exile could be read as the short term of all exiles. Just like Bola Ige, MKO Abiola was sent on permanent exile.

Internal exile is the passive type, watching the world go by. I have been trying to join that school, but since I can’t, soon I’ll join them in the grave”.

The Nobel Laureate also criticized the immediate past administration of Otunba Gbenga Daniel

over his face-off with the State House of Assembly saying the presence of Gbenga Daniel was felt in Ogun State “by sneaking in a minority speaker, shuttling down the House of Assembly, dismissing the majority and passed over 20 bills in two hours and of course you know the lion took the lion’s share.

Power is pranks, authority is enduring. Authority without power is nothing. There is still life after power. The essence of all what I am saying is that we should not lose hope in and out of exile. Creativity will continue in and out of exile. Don’t stop at just hearing from an individual’s imagination”.Vanguard

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