Yvonne Nelson In New Artistic Portrait

Iyanya’ ex, Yvonne Nelson has taken the art to a whole new level in a very revealing portrait of herself.

The former beauty Queen and model is without doubt one of the most beautiful actresses in Africa.

She has been quite conservative in her mode of dressing until she threw caution to the wind and embraced her femininity with a photo that left fans imagination running wild.

Photo removed by request.

8 thoughts on “Yvonne Nelson In New Artistic Portrait

  1. I am a wisher of say all her nakedment was show. I am vex bicos I was not see the main thing weyris chieftancy to nakedment, weyris object of do. It pain me bicos I have not see fine womens object of do bifor. Is only wowo womens I have see their object of do in all my hole life. Only womens weyris wowo with strong face like cement. Face fear face. Wowo face of end time sign. Nonsens. Am I curse? Or bicos I am not a haver of money?

  2. Do we learn a good lesson from this?
    What lesson as a mother those she teach her children?

  3. tmrrw .she go blame the devil for her stupid nude contract even as biological clocks ticks hard.

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