A Closer Look At Pastor John Kumuyi’s Wife, Love Odih, The Future First Lady Of Deeper Life Church

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June 24, 2013 – A Closer Look At Pastor John Kumuyi’s Wife, Love Odih, The Future First Lady Of Deeper Life Church

When the wedding photos of Love Odih first surfaced last week, faithful deeper lifers thought the gate of hell is trying to prevail over the church, a mission impossible.

As it is now, some Deeper life members are still hiding Love Odih’s fashion taste in hypocrisy.

According to an anonymous deeper lifer who wrote NaijaGists few days ago, Love Odih didn’t wear any makeup on her wedding day. We learnt she didn’t even relax her hair (another false claim).

Love Odih on wedding day

View more wedding photos of John Kumuyi here

Read what the person wrote below;

As a friend of the couple, I can’t keep silent anymore. The picture  being circulated is not what the bride looked like on the wedding day,  it was digital altered to destroy the lives of the new couple and may  you all be forgiven for the damage you caused the church of God and the  new couple. As someone that attended the wedding, the pictures arousing  such controversy looks nothing like the bride on her wedding day. (No white-looking makeup or blush,No earring

No lipstick
No fake eye lash
No mascara
No relaxed hair (blow drier & flat iron can do that! by the way, her hair is that long)
No colored eyebrow
No eye shadow
No ring on finger

You compare earlier pictures of a deeper life bride with a turban  covered hair. In the Caribbean generally, the thick turban covering is  associated with a satanic worship church. Can you imagine? No!!  Ignorance is bliss. Is that what you want the new couple subjected to  because of your lack of understanding? A joining that appears to be like  under Satan because of hair covering as you understand it in your side  of the world? God forbid!

If you want to accuse the bride of the gown, is it showing any body  parts? I thought this was the idea of modesty. Let not thy nakedness be  discovered.. Love is also not John’s lover/heartthrob/girlfriend or any  other careless language, these two were brought together led of The Lord  though from thousand of miles apart and I’m sure they went through the  deeper life church marriage committee process from their countries.

I hope you feel guilty enough to stop all the lies and great damage you  have caused a new couple trying to begin a life together hard school of  marriage, and added to that has to live with scrutiny on a public scale,  all influenced by lies and doctored images from the haters.. Let each  man run their own Christian race, not with eye service or an envious  mind.

Congrats to the new couple and may God soothe the irreparable damage caused by online social media P.s there are so many other good things online about Love Odih, not just some fabricated and baseless scandal.


It seems the person who wrote the above is just trying to cover up for Love Odih.

According to sources close to Love, she is a real woman and not an hypocrite like some deeper lifers who are making up stories to defend her.

See more photos of John Kumuyi’s wife, Love Odih below;

Love Odih with weave

According to our online research, Love Odih is a stylish woman who grooms her brows, straightens her hair and often use wigs, uses make up and eye shadow, etc.

A normal christian woman is entitled to use anything to make herself look good.

While she may be a typical Deeper Life woman, her dad, Bishop Augustine Odih is the National overseer for the Deeper Life Bible Church in Jamaica.

Bishop Odih is also the director for the Deeper Life Bible Schools in Jamaica.

Love Odih is an accomplished woman and a certified lawyer.

Below is a detail biography of Love Odih found at the website of Rattray Patterson Rattray law firm where she works as an attorney

Born: Calabar, Nigeria
Admitted: 2012, Jamaica
Education: Norman Manley Law School (Legal Education Certificate of  Merit) 2012; University of London (LL.B, Hons) 2010; University of the  West Indies (B.A. Hons. History, Criminology) 2007
Language: English and Spanish
Practice Areas: Civil Litigation; Commercial litigation; Contract; Personal Injury
Recipient: The Norman Manley Law School Certificate of Merit -2012 ; The  Norman Manley Law School Principal’s Roll of  Honour–2010/2011-2011/2012; The Professor Stephen C. Vasciannie  Scholarship 2012; The Council of Legal Education- Principal’s Special  Prize – for students who received straight A’s in 2011 or 2012 ; The  Andrea Gabrielle Lloyd Memorial Prize 2012; The Raphael Codlin Prize for  Most Outstanding students over two years -2012; The Council of Legal  Education-Special Mooting Prize – World Human Rights Moot Court  Competition Prize ( Pretoria, South Africa) 2012; Winner of UN-OCHR  World Human Rights Moot Court Competition & 3rd
Place Best Oralist  award- 2011; The University of the West Indies- Award for Excellence in  Service & Leadership 2007.)

Every Christian whether Deeper Life or not should learn to forsake hypocrisy and live a life pleasing to God ONLY. Let’s strive to please God and not men.

Open your bible to Ephesians 6:6 (Not with eye service, as men pleasers; but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart)

Please do not blame Pastor W.F Kumuyi for Love Odih’s style of dressing…. It’s never his fault, let us refrain from blaming him.

God bless you all.