$115 Million Diezani Gate: Fidelity Bank Refunds N49.7M, INEC Officials Return N359 Million Bribe

$115 Million Diezani Gate

April 29, 2016 – $115 Million Diezani Bribe: Fidelity Bank Refunds N49.7M, Corrupt INEC Officials Return N359 Million Bribe 

  • EFCC Set To Arrest Nigerian Oil Business Owners, Millionaires Who Paid $115Million To Buy Votes For Goodluck Jonathan
  • EFCC Recovers N408.7 Million From N23 Billion Bribe Diezani Gave Out To Buy Votes For GEJ

All the corrupt INEC officials who collected multi million naira bribe to buy votes for Jonathan have started rushing to the EFCC office to refund part of the bribe they collected.

As at the time of this report, the Anti-corruption agency has arrested more bankers at Fidelity who received part of the $115 Million Diezani Gate money.

One of the oil business owners declared wanted by the EFCC, Leno Olaitan Adesany reported at the agency office in Abuja for questioning yesterday. He was told to report at the Lagos office of the commission for questioning tomorrow.

As we speak, the EFCC has recovered N408.7million from the N23, 299,705,000 billion ($115million) Diezani largesse

Fidelity Bank refunded N49.7million, its profit from the disbursement of the N23.29billion provided by former Minister of Petroleum Resources Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke.

Some former and serving INEC officials in Oyo and Ogun states refunded N359millon.

More officials of INEC were said to have rushed to the EFCC to refund the bribe given to them.

The EFCC team has intensified its investigation into the scandal.

Buhari’s anti-corruption broom is sweeping in full force. Kudos to EFCC for this patriotic move.

15 thoughts on “$115 Million Diezani Gate: Fidelity Bank Refunds N49.7M, INEC Officials Return N359 Million Bribe

  1. I thnk Buhari should be better as an EFCC Chairman than being the President. May God help him in his crusade and fight against curruption to come out victorious. Then wisdom to lead this vast, great country aright.

    I take my leave…

  2. All these money been mentioned were are they? If they can recover all this money no need for buhari borrowing from china

  3. Mr hunter, use ****** Which president go allow EFCC boss arrest people weekly and people in power, and also get them to refund the money.I have never seen this kind exposure of corruption since I have known Nigeria to be my country. Na only PMB fit expose them. Na only PMB fit allow refinery to work cos most past president are parasites and they work together with oil marketers, na only PMB fit bring sanity to government and their policies.

  4. I laugh. See what fear is doing to people! Gluttons!

    408.7 million is a paltry sum out of 23billion. I hope they all get to vomit everything. More importantly, I hope that what is revovered will not go down the drains again.

  5. God deliver us from the hand of all these wicked politicians……God fight our battle for us and wipe them off the surface of the earth.

  6. Who say Nigeria is POOR ???
    we have money in this country meenh

    It’s our so called leaders were so selfish & greedy that’s why people are suffering, we lack what suppose to be more than enough.
    A lot of people were dying everyday bcos of minor sickness but when they don’t have money to take care of them self….
    Even to eat three square meal is a problem….
    while some people were spending our money all alone all bcos they are the one that have assets to where the money are …God will judge you people & your generation separately .

  7. Nice one for his corruption move..
    But it’s high time all dis millions we keep on hearing dat is being refunded day by day should be put into circulation…
    D masses re dying 4 cring out loud..

  8. We know what Buhari and his party are doing, they are out to rubbish PDP Government and to gain popularity but they will fail. GEJ bought vote, if he does why wouldn’t he buy to win Buhari?From the onset the issue is always GEJ and his government and have many Hausa from the north that work in his carbinet why was they not arrested? In the history of Nigeria. GEJ is the best president that rules with fairness. Just for few months that Buhari took over many killing taking place..Police, Fulani headmen and the Army killing innocent people, illegal detention and the federal government refusing court order.. Buhari is a dictator…Buhari should resign if he cannot fix Nigeria problems..he will not because the north believe they are born to rule..Rubbish!!!

    • Hello Ray,your comment make no sense and is highly unreasonable, it was based on nothing but tribalism and hatred. You also said that criminal Jonathan was your hometown best president. I wonder which planet you are from? Guys pkease reason and think like someone with common sense before commenting. Thanks.

      • @Omokehinde people like you with commonsense are the people driving the ship call Nigeria, its obvious that either you’re blind or dump because if you are not, you would have know that tribalistic is a big factor in Nigeria and If you have a common sense as you claimed,you would have drop your comment not Rubbish.. I cannot argue anything with you because from your comment it showns how immature and ignorance that you are.

      • @Omokehinde you that reason like a sensible person, go to the history and check all the past government achievement, GEJ has no comparism.. Obama inherited mismanagement and economy problem from G. Bush but Obama did not every minute call G.Bush but swigged into action to deliver his promises to the people. In Buhari gov. He is just only there to fight his opposition to gain popularity and to secured their party that comprises the north and the South West. @Omokehinde we are watching from a far…what old man saw while sitting immature like you cannot see even with the higher lader. Who say Nigeria is one is dreaming..

  9. Out of N23 Billion Naira vote bribe, N470 million recovered. EFCC you have a long way to go and you need to be more tougher. Madam petroleum has a way of hiding these money you really need to stress this woman to cough out what she has stolen. N470 million is not up to half a billion and N23 Billion is at stake here.

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