2 Boys Kidnapped In Magodo Lagos Found Alive, Parents Paid N2.5M To Kidnappers

kidnapped boys returned magodo lagos

Dec 12, 2014 – 2 Children Kidnapped In Magodo Lagos Found Alive, Parents Paid N2.5M To Kidnapperz

2 innocent kids abducted from their parents home by their house help have now returned home after spending four days at an undisclosed location in Ogun State.

Rafael and his baby brother Michael Esharegaran were dropped off at Sagamu police station in Ogun State after their parents paid a whopping N2.5M ransom into the kidnappers bank account.

Apparently, the kidnappers used Juliet to kidnap the kids from their wealthy parents home.

kidnapped boys found alive

A reliable security said the boys’ parents hired Juliet via OLX through an advert titled  “humble housemaid available for hire”.

The troubled parents were reunited with their kids around 2pm on Thursday.

Police are not releasing more details about the maid who kidnapped the boys.

This is a new strategy being used by kidnappers to make more money during this yuletide season.

It is also a big lessons for all parents, be careful who you leave your children with.

7 thoughts on “2 Boys Kidnapped In Magodo Lagos Found Alive, Parents Paid N2.5M To Kidnappers

  1. Obviously, the only good news here is not those innocent children were found well and alive. However, paying huge amount of money as ransome for the release of those that are kidnapped is never a good idea anywhere in the world. Why? This will encourage more criminal minded people to follow suit in the kidnapping business and so many innocent people kidnapped may not be so lucky to tell their side of the story. My advice for both state and federal government is form a kidnapped tax force and they should well train with the tools and techniques to deter, capture, and kill those kidnappers that threatened peace of other Nigerians for money exploitation. We must also be vigilant, watchful, and be mindful of company or friends that our relatives keep as friends. There should be a special section of Nigerian police force and other security agencies that will assign to deal with any incident of kidnapping in our societies. Right now,President Jonathan only concern at moment is to rig next year general election in order to remain in power. I guess president Mohammad Buari will look into my ideas to protect lives and properties of all Nigerian people from criminals and Boko Haram insurgency.

  2. I cannot believe the extent Nigerians will go to make money. Nobody and nowhere is safe in that country. We keep on saying Nigeria is getting better and yet our backyard is on fire. Big blind country.

  3. Nigeria is a country not a nation. There is not good leaders in Nigeria. Until Nigeria can be able to produce good leaders like Mandela and others. Then, we shall Nigerians shall enjoy the benefits of a nation.

  4. Omokehinde pls, I don’t understand ur ambiguous comment, can u throw more light on d first sentense. Thanks

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