2 Nigerian Army Generals ‘ll Soon Start A Deadly Terrorist Group That May Collapse Nigeria – Prophet


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April 3rd, 2016 – 2 Nigerian Army Generals Will Soon Start A Deadly Terrorist Group That May Collapse Nigeria – Anglican Prophet Warns

Prophet Predicts Air Crash Within Imo Airspace

Godfrey Gbujie, a Prophet of the Anglican Diocese in Mbaise Imo State has predicted the emergence of a terrorist group deadlier than Boko Haram.

He made this known during a press briefing that held in Akabo Ahiara Mbaise in Imo State this week.

Here are his latest predictions:

“God’s anger on the leaders of northern Nigeria is enormous in that another terrible rebellious group in addition to Boko Haram will spring up from the north very soon,” he said.

“This second rebellious group will be led by two seasoned Army generals and soon after a more terrible and fiercer opposition group led by a younger Nigerian- trained military commander will emerge from the south. “If not handled properly, this southern force will eventually cause the final disintegration and collapse of the Nigerian nation,”.

He also predicted a serious air disaster within the Imo airspace soon.

“The nose of the aircraft shall point towards the west and the burning tail, pointing to the east,” – Gbujie concluded

Prophet Godfrey Gbujie is a minister at the St Andrew Anglican Church inAkabuo-Ahiara Mbaise, Imo state.

He made a similar prediction last year.