23-Year-Old Nigerian Man Marries Oyinbo Grandmother In Lagos (Photo)

nigerian man 23 marries oyinbo grandmother

July 8th, 2013 – 23-Year-Old Man Marries White Grandma In Lagos (Picture)

Still unsure if this photo is a movie scene but the word on the streets is that this young 23-year-old recent graduate married the white grandma above in a Lagos court.

We learnt the extended family of the man gracefully attended the occasion with everyone smiling and catching fun.

But how possible? This granny is too old for him now abi I dey see double?

32 thoughts on “23-Year-Old Nigerian Man Marries Oyinbo Grandmother In Lagos (Photo)

    • Samandi if to say i know someone who dey near you, i for tellam say make him giv you forward and backward slaps, ah, ah, can’t you see that the boy head no dey correct? ibi like person who see mad man and im come tell himself say I wish to be like him. Na bad thing o!!.

  1. Na bcos of money и̣̣̣̥ọ̥w̶̲̥̅̊. Maybe dat old-oyinbo get kudi f̶̲̥̅̊o̲̣̥я̣̣̥ hand.

  2. Hahahaha No be new tin nah, even prophet ******* aka (sex award winner) married his 1st wife (Nana Khadijah) old enough 2 be his grand mother at age of 25, so young man enjoy urself wit ur sugar mummy!!!!

  3. ohhh dear Samandi it’s not okay she’s old and will die during the honeymoon due to orgasm that’s if she’s not already dead!!!!

  4. This will show how moral decayed our society is imagine the boy’s relatives where there,probably the father and mother might also be there to support their little baby boy in such mess.

  5. nawaooooooooooooo oh boy u no dey fear ooo>>>> na matter sha….. naija guys no dey take last…. but is well bcus money is involved…

  6. i must travel abroad by hook or crook..this is the msg of the story..d mama may not hv ten kobo sef.d guy wan waka sharp sharp

  7. my man enjoy your new wife…is not easy to marry a white woman…dont listen to jealous and envy people…if you want to know i said this kick me at +24105828555

  8. This woman is rich, now that she is about to vacate the world and without a relative to handover the wealth she has decide to marry this guy. The guy has plans wait and see.

  9. the guy dey marry him grandmama mate make go ask him mama who him real papa be becos the this he fit be say him na ****** u know


  10. The so called bearer Ibn Dauda is a simen drop of a bastard whose frustrated life know no bound. You stink and deserve a place in everlasting hellfire. How dared you open your dirty mouth against the anointed i know you are already cursed. Nigeria law is heavily prepared for you, you dirty gay.

  11. I need one like that so I can break her second virgin, by that age her tin Should be tight again. Oooohhh boy c big virgin ooo.

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