3 Nigerian Pilgrims Go Missing During 2016 Pilgrimage In Jerusalem Israel

3 nigerian pilgrims missing israel

December 8, 2016 – 3 Nigerian Pilgrims Disappear During 2016 Pilgrimage In Jerusalem Israel

  • 3 Nigerian pilgrims from Lagos State who went for this year’s pilgrimage in Jerusalem, Israel have absconded, PM News reports.

  • The absconded pilgrims include one female and two male.

  • Sources in Jerusalem confided in our reporter that the female pilgrim was the first to abscond few days after arriving the holy land for the 10 days spiritual exercise.

One other male pilgrim also absconded few days after the female pilgrim was declared missing, while the last one ran away shortly after the thanksgiving service to mark the departure of the pilgrims from Jerusalem back to Nigeria two days ago.

A source said immediately after the thanksgiving service, it was discovered that the pilgrim, a middle-age man was missing and he never returned.

Cases of pilgrims absconding after getting to Jerusalem have been on the rampant in recent time as they see the exercise as the easiest means of getting to Europe.

In 2013, two Lagos pilgrims absconded during the exercise. One was caught while the other was never seen again until the remaining pilgrims left Jerusalem. The same scenario played out in subsequent years.

Investigation reveals that Jerusalem is a place where immigrants could easily escape to Europe to seek greener pasture, thus, some pilgrims hide under religious ritual to escape to Europe during pilgrimage.

8 thoughts on “3 Nigerian Pilgrims Go Missing During 2016 Pilgrimage In Jerusalem Israel

  1. Hooohooooohooooo (laughs in Swahili). Nigeria hard oo that’s why people are running away at every given opportunity

  2. Unless there is an accomplice nearby, I don’t see the prospect of any Nigerian running very far in the Holy Land. The black or dark skin of an African makes one stick out like a sore thump. Again, there is the language barrier, the cold and the possibility of insufficient funds.

    Absconding without any hiding place is nothing short of self-inflicted punishment !

  3. Mens are not having money in Nigeria and womens are not respect them. So mens are run away to America so that when they are having money, womens are respect them.

  4. Opportunity comes but once (LWKMD) … I guess they went there to pray for a successful escape

    #cluless human

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