3 Nigerians Convicted Of Drug Trafficking Executed In Indonesia Today

3 nigerians executed indonesia today

July 28, 2016 – 3 Nigerians Convicted Of Drug Trafficking Executed In Indonesia Today

Three Nigerian men arrested in Indonesia a while back have been executed.

Today, the Asian country executed the three Nigerian drug convicts identified as Michael Titus Igwe, Osmane Seck and Ejike Eleweke. Another Indonesian Freddy Budiman was killed by firing squad in Indonesia at about 12:45am.

4 of the 14 planned executions were carried in the middle of a heavy rainfall.

Michael Igwe

It is unclear if the 10 other convicts were pardoned.

26 thoughts on “3 Nigerians Convicted Of Drug Trafficking Executed In Indonesia Today


  1. @ ****, do you ever have anything to post other than always being the first to say

    Are you sure you are not commenting just to be noticed? For crying out loud, how is a Drug trafficker going to Rest In Peace especially, when convicted and killed? Explain…

    I take a stroll…

    • @ D Hunter,you should be ashamed of yourself for your comments @ Fife.
      You purposely avoided commenting on the drug peddler that got killed,rather you where castigating the commentator (Fife).

      My question is this-why dont you criticise the actions of your drug peddling brother (Michael Igwe)before criticising anyone else?

  2. Nigeria is law-less country. If this were to be in Nigeria now, the Idonesian govt will come for their own and got them released. Somebody said its not possible but I tell you, everything is possible in Nigeria especially when you can play your cards well. Bribery!

    Its a Lawless country.

    I take a stroll…

  3. Its too bad,too bad. Nigerians,should we continue to be killed in indonesia because of illicit drug trafficking? Why can’t you guys pity your life and look for something else to do here. You are wasting your lives constantly in indonesia because of greed and get rich quick business of hell you are engaging yourselves with. Stop this nonsense! Look for something else to do here.

  4. this is want some of our brothers in diaspora r good at commiting crime of all kind and be embarrasing our nation in diaspora, jst for them to b called big-boys,drive flashy cars,carrying women all around street of nigeria and intimidate their age mates dat is strugling to make it in nigeria if they come back home.sorry its unfortunate.rest in peace if its possible.

  5. Nigeria keep getting involved in all this illegal biz, white hate black and wldnt hesitate to execute them.

  6. Lol d hunter u comment made mi laf so much dat I chocked. But if it’s not busy body how’s d 1st comment ur business? Jst post Urs nd get out,hissssssssss busy body.

  7. D hunter….. Who are you to judge? Nobody holy pass ooo. Person wey never die no sabi the kain death wey go kill am! Please take it easy

  8. LWKMD ???? ???? @D_HUNTER you no go kill person… she is just being tender minded… but for someone that was executed for drug trafficking i doubt if he or she is ever gonna rest in peace…
    RIP TO THE DEAD ???? ????

  9. stupid set of people dragging our country’s name in the mud… making foreigners believe all Nigerian are evil and desperate… and i still see comments like “RIP”

  10. @ D Hunter what do want her to say, what if he had given his life to christ in d course of his castration, won’t he rest in peace, just saying what if ?. Let God be d judge.

    • My dear Truce, you are very spiritual. We are here debating whether or not to type RIP. But if this guy had given his life to Christ before his exercution—which I strongly believe he did, since he had already seen his death coming—then he would not only rest in peace, but be raised to a glorious, eternal life on the last day. That is why heaven will be full of suprises: the man we’d hoped to be there won’t be. But that prostitute or criminal we’d thought to stand no chance would sit beside Father Abraham, listening to sweet stories from the Man of Faith.

  11. When will such stories end and when will our people learn at least to avoid such countries? Please fellow Nigerians lets create more awareness, Holland ministry is already working on this,kindly listen to one of our dedicated song tam tam nmiri by Rita Sheddy on Youtube and share, the song is for humanitarian purpose it belongs to God by Holland Ministry, may God bless us in our endeavours

  12. For all of you:- Observer, Mercy and Dupe, that‘s took a swipe at me for my question to fife, you are entitled to your opinions.

    But the fact remain that, I am not judging NO! rather, I want fife to know and understand that is not every person that dies will rest in peace.

    I have been following her comments. Anytime there was a case of death, even if its a BH, or a Ritualist, a Rapist anybody at all, fife will always be so smart to come and post the Abrev. RIP. *********************?

    I take a stroll…

  13. plz don’t jump in 2 conclusion,u kno most of dis countries are anti blacks; dey cld do anytin 2 implecate u or evn set u up..mostly Der ladies, ….most of dis are set up,nt true.Is only in our country Nigeria dt foreigners were more important nd protected mor dan d citizens.I assumed we hav concrnd govt,wen such case arises ,govt shld send team of lawyers 4 investigation first.

  14. As I always say , please Igbo people should stop rubbing our great nation name in mud for all this your so call fast money making business , the last executions in Indonesia was full of Igbo people and this last one also is full of Igbo name even if NDLEA make arrest at the Nigeria airport it’s always this Igbo people , please for GOD sake look for another better and legitimate business to do and stop this drug business . I know Igbo people as very very hard working people.

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