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37-Year-Old Virgin Nigerian Man Looking For Same Laments “My Church Is Full Of Hypocritical Ladies”

37 year old virgin nigerian man

December 10, 2017 – 37-Year-Old Virgin Nigerian Man Looking For Same Laments “My Church Is Full Of Hypocritical Young Ladies”

By Temilolu Okeowo

Dear Temilolu,

I am an unmarried 37-year-old man. I am a Christian and a business man though not successful yet. I have a fear I may never get married! This is because what single girls do nowadays frightens me a lot. I am a virgin though not a clean one because I used to watch pornography and masturbate. But I still fear God. I’ve always prayed that God should connect with my divine spouse but so far I’ve seen none. My desire is to marry a God-fearing lady – a virgin and an understanding young lady. The question is where would I find her? If I say church, I’ll be deceiving myself because our church is filled with hypocritical young ladies. May Jesus Christ help me! Any lady, married or unmarried who comes close to me always wants to have sex but I’ve always been able to rebuff their advances. I need your advice please!


Dear Mr. Ikechukwu,

I must congratulate you for BEING MAN ENOUGH to resist the bombardment of ladies for sex. I guess you’ve been satisfying your flesh by masturbating to make up for having real sex and I pray the fire of God uproots every root of fleshly lust from your life in Jesus mighty name. You have no reason not to be successful although there’s time for everything. If you can conquer porn and masturbation and activate the power of God in your life by praying, fasting, studying the word and constantly hearing Him speak to you, your success within a short time will be mind-blowing. The ball is in your court! To a large extent, you’ve preserved your life by not mingling with strange spirits from multiple sex partners which could place satanic baggage on you. I pray God perfects that which concerns you. In fact, I know He has done so already. In the course of activating His power, your divine spouse will appear! GOD IS FAITHFUL TO THOSE WHO ARE FAITHFUL TO HIM! Align with Him right away and let your life attract that wonderful lady. God bless you!

My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,

If Mary could be trusted by God to bring His son Jesus into the world and has since effortlessly remained the most celebrated woman of all time because of her purity and super privilege, what can’t God do for you if you remain chaste till your wedding night? WHY SHOULD ANYONE CHOOSE STUPID, BAD DEVIL OVER GOD? Sadly, through pre-marital sex, before age 22 a lot of you have exchanged what should buy you an aircraft before age 40 for Brazilian hair and the like. Hair that’s not even yours. A lot of you have shattered your life into smithereens and I imagine the devil rolling on the floor laughing and enjoying the evil foundation you laid for your lives. Up to 200 spirits of strange men and women are resident in so many of you before you are 20! How do you want to align with God’s agenda for your life? You go to church, sing in the choir, and work as an usher or sanctuary keeper yet you DEFILE GOD’S TEMPLE and take solace in the seeds you sow! YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS…AT ALL!!! I’m sorry to announce you’ll pay for it! It’s a case of going to wake sleeping trouble! Some of you even go to church mainly for boy-spotting and slaying contests not to focus on God! No wonder the devil finds it so easy to yoke two wrong people together and cause generational chaos as a result of a bad marriage, a marriage God never approved of but which the rot in someone’s life confused even the greatest of prophets to say the intending couple is a match made in heaven! Oh! Yes! The prophet’s revelation is based on what your life projects!!! Too many of you are spiritually-sick, and have become a breeding ground for legions of demons manifesting trouble instead of GOD’S GLORY!!! WHAT A PITY! YOU DIDN’T KNOW! NO ONE TOLD YOU THE TRUTH! However, I know for sure that God wants to restore you NOW but you have to pay the price! SPIRITUAL REFORMATION isn’t an easy task! It could take years. Your spirit, soul and body have to be completely sold out to God! God is a merciful God! He could decide to speed it up for you.

Christian sisters, please stop disgracing Christianity! Our Lord Jesus Christ was born by a VIRGIN! In the coming year, you must resolve to do only that which glorifies God! Stop cutting His hand short of your affairs! YOUR STAR MUST SHINE! I LOVE, LOVE YOU!!!

I invite you to follow me on facebook –TEMILOLU OKEOWO (not Temilolu okeowo girls club or TEMILOLU OKEOWO Girls Club group). Instagram @ Okeowo Temilolu.

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  1. Oyindamola Emmanuel

    December 10, 2017 at 7:31 AM

    I doubt if you are a virgin, stop deceiving yourself

  2. OLA

    December 10, 2017 at 3:22 PM


  3. J. B. Hunter

    December 11, 2017 at 2:04 PM

    WHY SHOULD‘T he doubt him? @ OLA.
    How could a 37 years old be claiming the Biblical Joseph with all the overwhelming ladies he claimed have been pestering him? Its not just possible. The story is very far from being real just like the Sun and the Earth.

    I take a stroll…

  4. Oluwatobi

    April 22, 2020 at 8:14 PM

    It can be very true!
    If you have made mistakes or it weren’t possible in your case. What should you conclude for others?

  5. Oluwatobi

    April 22, 2020 at 8:18 PM

    It can be very true! If you have made mistakes or it weren’t possible in your case. What should you conclude for others?
    @Hunter don’t we have men who have integrity like Joseph again? I am so sure we do;only that they may be a remnant of our Christian men

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