50 Plus Wedding: Beautiful Woman Marries At Age 53

woman marries at 53

Nov 30, 2014 – Delay Is Not Denial: Beautiful Woman Marries At Age 53

The beautiful woman pictured above identified as Leticia has made history in her family.

After several years of looking up to God for a man of her own, God has finally answered her prayer.

The amazing grace of God has come true for her.50 plus wedding

She got married this weekend.

Sources disclosed that Leticia got a younger man…. She married a 45-year-old man.

What an awesome God! There is nothing God can’t do.

Her makeup was done by Kemi Kings Makeup

5 thoughts on “50 Plus Wedding: Beautiful Woman Marries At Age 53

  1. She used herself very well. Her colleagues who have married should be looking older than her. Does she have any children?

  2. It is never late for my God. The lord who started this good work will bring it to perfection. Very soon, we rejoice again for your save delivery. May God bless you with tripplets, amen.

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