Fraudsters Withdraw N12M From Ecobank ATM In Ghana Using 150 Access & GT Bank Cards Stolen From Nigeria


6 nigerian fraudsters arrested in ghana

August 1st, 2016 –  6 Nigerian Fraudsters Withdraw $30,000 From Ecobank ATM In Ghana Using 150 Access & GT Bank Cards Stolen From Nigeria

6 suspected Nigerian fraudsters have been arrested for withdrawing about $30,000 (N12million) from an Ecobank Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Ghana. The fraud, which has sent panic into the banking community in the former Gold Coast, has put other banks, especially those originating from Nigeria on the alert, prompting Access Bank to issue a statement to its customers that their savings were intact and secure.

According to the report in a Ghanaian online news site, the assurance follows the arrest of six Nigerians who made illegal withdrawals at VISA ATM machines in the country. The six Nigerians being questioned are suspected to be part of a syndicate that withdrew the money amounting to over GHS150, 000 ($30,000) from an Ecobank ATM.

The report also indicated that the police retrieved a total of 150 Access Bank and GT Bank ATM cards from the fraudsters and the cards were believed to have been stolen from account holders in Nigeria.

Confirming the case in an interview, Head of Corporate Affairs at Access Bank Ghana, Nana Adu Kyeremanteng, said the case had nothing to do with accounts in Ghana and assured customers that their monies were safe. “There is no cause for worry for customers in Ghana.

These cards are not related to cards issued in Ghana by Access Bank and they are not related to accounts in Access Bank and so our customers have no need to worry on that score.

What we want to say is that we want to assure our customers that they have no need to worry, their funds are intact and this has nothing to do with customers in Ghana,” he stated. According to Kyeremanteng, the police are handling the case, as the crime is not peculiar to Ghana.

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