60 Armed Robbers, Cultists Attacked Mushin Lagos…Robbery Lasted For 7 Hours Without Police Presence

robbers cultists mushin lagos

April 22, 2014 – 60 Armed Robbers, Cultists Attacked Mushin, Lagos…Robbery Lasted For 7 Hours Without Police Presence

Akala Boys & Toheeb Gang, Cult Group Robbed 8 Streets In Mushin Lagos From 12am To 7am On Easter Monday

There were fears and tension in the Mushin area of Lagos State on Monday morning after about 60 robbers operated on no fewer than eight streets and destroyed about 30 vehicles.

Some residents told our correspondent that the robbers also raped some young ladies and operated unchallenged for about seven hours.

The hoodlums, who reportedly belonged to two cult groups – Akala boys and Toheeb’s gang – ravaged New Balogun, Euba, Ayonuga, Tiamiyu, Haruna, Ereko, Oyedele streets and Coker Lane.

A mosque on Coker Lane was not spared as the worshippers, who slept in the mosque after a vigil, were robbed by the hoodlums.

One of the people in the mosque told PUNCH Metro that the robbers fired bullets for over one hour before robbing from house-to-house.

He said, “It was around 12am on Monday morning that we started hearing gunshots. It lasted for about an hour.

“Around 1am, they started going from house-to-house, robbing the occupants. They stole about seven laptops from the house opposite this mosque. They stole phones, money and everything they saw. They came inside the mosque and took our phones and money. People were crying throughout the night. It was terrible.”

Another witness said the robbers were not in a haste. He said they robbed till 5am and came back at 6am to continue before leaving around 7am.

Our correspondent observed that a generator was also removed from its shed by the robbers. Vehicles parked on the streets were vandalised by the robbers, just as two Toyota Hilus van were burnt.

Our correspondent counted 20 vehicles, but some residents said about 10 damaged cars had been taken away by their owners for repairs.

Kasali Daramola, a driver who spoke while fighting back tears, told our correspondent he owned one of the burnt vehicles.

He said, “This is the third time they will do this to me. What have I done to them? The first was a Lexus car my younger brother bought for me, which I was planning to sell to acquire a commercial bus to take care of my four kids and wife. I sold the scrap for N30, 000. I used the money I raised to get a bus and I was paying for it by installment. I have not finished the payment when they destroyed it.”

Daramola said the men entered his house and some of the ladies living there were raped.

He said attempts to bring in the police were abortive as they kept saying they were on their way without showing up.

A resident said, “For over five years now this area has not known peace. Will the police say they cannot do anything about it? Around 7am that policemen came here, they still saw some of those robbers around, but did not do anything. Why? I believe the police know all the people causing trouble here and if they want to do something, it doesn’t take them anything.”

Tosin Gbolahan, a resident, said a policeman attached to Alakara Police Station was with the hoodlums on Monday morning.

He said the hoodlums took advantage of a carnival that was held the previous night on Ojo Street to perpetrate the havoc.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Command, Ngozi Braide, said she would call back, but she had yet to do so as of press time.

[Reported By Punch Metro]

19 thoughts on “60 Armed Robbers, Cultists Attacked Mushin Lagos…Robbery Lasted For 7 Hours Without Police Presence

  1. Please don’t blame d police for not showing up
    This is not ordinary robbery it involves cultism

    • Dolapo, you have spoken well. I live in UK. It’s high time Nigerians change their mentality about police approaching armed robbers or facing dangerous situations. They are not employed to die, not even in UK or US would the police risk their lives. There are special armed police squads who are trained for hazardous situations. It’s really sad of all these frequent occurrences in our society. So scared to come back and live in Naija where I grow up.

  2. for this kind of operation they must have bribed the police so don’t expect any of them there

  3. when my friend told me about a business opportunity in Nigeria last month I turned it down just because of insecurity.
    God please help our people
    7 hours robbery without police presence. God come fast

  4. NIGERIA MY STATE ! GIANT OF AFRICA,THE LAND THAT USED TO FLOW WITH MILK AND HONEY,WHY ? WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON ? WHERE ARE YOU HEADING NIGERIA ! Am done hoping for a better Nigeria,am sick with stories about her that seems like movie scripts,With the rate evil gives birth in Nigeria i doubt if things will ever get back to normal,our kids are learning faster than us that evil pays faster and commands more respect in Nigeria.
    God,let your will be done and fast.Things are no longer fine with your project in naija.let your will be done father.

  5. @red same to me you said all . i dont think naija will ever get better anymore . since the police people are now involve in robbery now. no more security . even d.p.o they raped suspect too. how i wish i can rule this country , i will wipe out this old hoodlum leaders . ..no need for me to pray because i can never come back to nigeria for any reason..none even a bussiness plan will i even think off.shalom

    • Is like the reds think alike. I pray for changes in Nigeria.don’t let them succeed by abandoning our root.it shall be well with us.

  6. Going 2 work, scared of bomb_blast.. Walking on the streets, scared of gangsters.. Travelling by air, scared of plan high-jack.. Sleeping in your house again, ur private property, scared of robbers.. Yet, trillions of naira is being invested on security? Damn! No country is safe though but nigeria is lot worse.. When two elephants fight, what suffers it? Yet, we been addressed as “fellow nigerians”.. 4k that!

  7. I wonder wat is wrong wit dis my beloved country 9ja, were peace, unity n justice had once reigned, i weep any time news come’s out 4rm 9ja, has GOD turned his back on us, is 9ja d HELL, We all read abt, dis is TINS FALL APART, Police were una dey na only 2 collect bribe 4rm okada riders n danfo drivers un sabi, n 2 kill innocent pple, WELL E GO BETA, to all Nigerians WEEP NOT CHILD

  8. 7hrs of uninterrupted robbery supply. Dis can only hapn in an advanced dystopian society, whith Nigeria fits well in2. We languish@d base of insecure existence. Just imagin how it is dat wen d police finally came, they saw a few of d villains dat stil lingered around but did nothn. God hav mercy! Keeping faith is so difficult because even our faith is now bruised & battered alongside our bodies.
    Which way Nigeria?

  9. @linda james. I don’t know what part of UK you’re living. But I don’t think its the same U.K known to the whole world. Where in UK or US have you heard or witness robbery that police failed to respond accordingly or neglect their duty? What you’re saying is not correct. Police primary duty is citizens protection including their properties regardless of where they may be. Its only in Nigeria we constantly experiencing such things as police deliberately neglecting their duties for reasons best known to them. Partly, because there is no accountability. It is an act of irresponsibility of highest order. These same citizens will turn around tomorrow or come 2015 and humbly cast their future/votes in care and custody of another bash of irresponsible morons holding political offices.

  10. Stop blaming police…….they were not employed to die..moreover dis hoodlums have more sophisticated weapons than d police…….police too have family now..FG shud equip d police d more.

  11. There is an interaction betwin d police and d hoodlums,so according to my own notion d hoodlums may have visit d D.P.O of d station to not intervened even d riffle d police have is very small for d 1 d hoodlums have.so dis fight in mushin is now to 5 years where by they settle it for them and still underduress,btwin d akala idi-oro olosha gang,fighting with TOBA gang.so d last fight they killed a mopol officer then,so let’s d state governor to call d leader of akala gang and TOBA boys.we are facing boko-haram in nigeria and some stupidity people were fighting with theire self.

  12. How possible can dis report be real, this is a blatant lie, nothing like rape but there were robbery incidence and destruction of property. For over 6 hours its not possible. Media should stop this stupid reports

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