63 Black Axe Cultists Arrested During Initiation Process In Akwa Ibom

black axe cultists arrested

June 16, 2014 – 63 Black Axe Cult Members Arrested During Initiation Process Of New Members At Effoi Village In Akwa Ibom

Akwa Ibom Police Command has nabbed 63 suspected cult members during an initiation ceremony in Akwa Ibom State.

The group who are members of the Black Axe cult group were caught on Sunday at Effoi village forest very close to Eket.

This was made known by Police PRO, Etim Dickson during a news briefing this morning.

Police image maker who was present during the arrest said they recovered the following items from the initiation spot; container of blood, 2 motorcycles, 10 cell phones, 3 cars, 5 berets with Aye inscription, 2 axes,  2 drums and 5 live cartridges.

He said that all the suspects confessed to being members of ‘Black Axe’, adding that they would be charged to court soon.

“All the suspects will be charged to court. You know the activity of cult group is becoming too rampant,” Dickson said.

28 thoughts on “63 Black Axe Cultists Arrested During Initiation Process In Akwa Ibom

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  3. that serves them right pls they should be charged to court as soon as possible no bribe this time even if some of the idiots are from a wealthy home sir dickson don’t accept any bribe from them,let them face the law,bcos some of this cult boys are thiefts why some of them are kidnappers pls sir do something fast before some of their parents come begging you to take bribe,if even there’s anything like that pls sir say no to their offer.

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