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A Brutal Kleptocrat, US Arms Policy & The Death Of Nigerians By The Guns Of Boko Haram


A Brutal Kleptocrat, US Arms Policy & The Death Of Nigerians By The Guns Of Boko Haram

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Jan 28, 2015 – A Brutal Kleptocrat, US Arms Policy & The Death Of Nigerians By The Guns Of Boko Haram

The United States is blocking Nigeria’s purchase of arms supposedly “for its war against terror.” The United States has stated that due to Nigeria’s repeated incidents of gross human rights abuse and far-reaching corruption, it will not allow the Jonathan government purchase sophisticated military equipment. The United States has asked Nigeria to investigate its army chiefs.

The human rights violations of Nigeria’s military are undeniable. Very distressing to remember: the murder of dozens of civilians and burning down of hundreds of homes in Baga (the serially ravaged town where Boko Haram just killed over 2500 defenseless citizens this January) in April of 2013, by Nigeria’s military under the command of General Azubuike Ihejirika. Scores of similar cases, which include the extrajudicial assassination of hundreds of suspected Boko Haram terrorists (evidence in pictures and on video), and the unprovoked murder of over 30 peaceful protesters from the Islamic movement including three sons of the leader, are well documented.

Again, the well known fact that Nigeria’s army continuously enables the transfer of its best weapons to Boko Haram, defends the United States’ position that Nigeria under its current leadership neither knows how to use military hardware nor how to secure it.

It is recognized that Mr. Jonathan’s government’s failure to prosecute a single army chief behind these many atrocities directly indicts the President of Nigeria in these gross abuse violations.

However Boko Haram is armed, is able to continuously acquire sophisticated weaponry, and continues to unleash massacres of genocidal proportion on the defenseless people of North Nigeria.

The Federal government of Nigeria has picked on the refusal of United States to allow its purchase of weapons as its latest excuse for its failure in combating Boko Haram terror.

Ultimately, thanks to a hopeless leadership and unconstructive US policy, Nigeria’s masses are left undefended, defenseless and out in the cold while the bad guys get the guns and celebrate their continuous successful campaign of terror.

There is no repercussion to Nigeria’s government for its incompetence, for its many human rights violations, and its failure to provide security, a fundamental human right to its people.

There are no sanctions (yet) against top government officials and the presidency.

There are no sanctions including financial and travel restrictions against the known Boko Haram sponsors.

There have not been any sanctions against international players and foreign governments who have been linked to the terror organization.

It took two years of protests by rights organizations to even get the United States to list of Boko Haram as a foreign terror organization, FTO and declare a few of its members wanted.

Does there have to be bloody protests before our killer-corrupt rulers are charged by the international lead bodies? How many more Nigerians need to be massacred before we get a reaction from the US, UN and AU against our leadership?

And why is the United States treating Boko Haram (occupying terrorist forces) like a country?

The people of Nigeria deserve more from the United States and the international community. Nigerian lives matter.

[By Dr. Peregrino Brimah; ENDS [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email:]



  1. clifford

    January 28, 2015 at 4:14 AM

    A critical look at the US stance will justify them.However they should have shifted ground with conditions attached.At least they should have been involved by leading the operation to the standard of theirs. then at the end they should have re trained our army on how to handle terror without genocide. On probbing the generals, the president is not in controll or he chooses to look the other way as always whenever there is corruption or intergrity issue. We know that billions are yearly bugetted for the millitary. at least we should have seen what level of mordern hardware the army hard over the years. Boko didnt just start over night.Now our innocent infantary necks are on the gallow for the planless and lack of foresight by our generals who are corrupt.

  2. Danti

    January 28, 2015 at 4:48 AM

    For Nigeria to move forward, we must have national policy that we must follow religiously. If we had not allowed ethnic bigotry, Papa Awolowo had preemptively solved Nigeria’s problems. Failure to adopt his remedies is causing problems. Go and study the entire American history, no American president surpasses the achievements of Awolowo of good old western region. Papa Awolowo never liked Foreign solution to our problems,but believed we are our problems and also we are the solution. America is not our friend,but a parasite that feast on our lack of knowledge. Nigeria does need ANYTHING from America if we had established indefatigable national policy that does entertain intrusion from morons.

  3. Metu Nyetu

    January 28, 2015 at 6:44 AM

    I knew it b4 dat d US rather prefers 2 play a passive role in dis fight. In oda coun3s of d Midl East they lead d campaign. But Nigeria is left 2 fight dis fight alone.

    One might argue dat they are justified 2 refusa selln doze arms 2 Nigeria bcos our govt is short of many skills. But d question is, Are they genuine? Is their refusal possibly connected 2 our position on anti-gay law? Or iznt dis a subterfuge employd 2 see dat their prediction of Nigeria’s disintegration comes thru?

    We are in God’s hands.

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