A Woman Used Juju To Snatch My Husband…He’s Divorcing Me…I’m Angry Please Help

nigerian woman snatched my husband

June 8th, 2013 – A Woman Used Juju To Snatch My Husband…He’s Divorcing Me…I’m Angry – Please Help

I was a very happy woman with my husband. I walked many miles in the street of my life to find a true love, when I find him, a Nigerian come and steal my love. My husband worked in Nigeria, day by day I see him changing with me, then he wants to stay more and more there. Until the day he abandon us.

Nowadays my husband cannot look at my face. He loses his temper with me easily. I have pain in my heart. Our financial life has gone down. He say is my fault. He wants to divorce me.

Now I am fighting for alimony for my children, the Nigerian woman has a power, she commands him. He doesn’t wants to he give me money. I suspect she’s using juju, she used his wedding ring to make black magic and other things that I can’t imagine. My husband change a lot.

Please I ask who wants a foreign man, if you love him, if he is single no problem, but if he is married and have a family, please leave this men alone. You don’t see but you are destroying a family life. After you go to church to pray to God!! What you think!! That God will hear your prayers? No, but the Devil will and he give to her what she deserve.

Yes I am angry very angry, because I know I will never find a second true love in my life again.

I am very very sad than this woman steals my husband. I see in his eyes he love me and I love him. This woman is a Devil. Why can’t she find a single man? Why?

Eyah!!! Sorry o woman..

Don’t give up please keep your prayer fire burning.

How can you just give up on your husband like that.

For the sake of your children please pray…

Dear readers, please give this hurting woman your inputs.