Actor Peter Bunor Sick With Stroke – “My Colleagues Abandoned Me”

peter bunor stroke

May 12, 2013 –Actor Peter Bunor Sick With Stroke – “My Colleagues Abandoned Me”

Veteran Nollywood actor Peter Bunor is happy to be alive after a long-time battle with stroke.

In a recent interview on Vanguard, the actor condemns his colleagues for abandoning him during his sick days.

Teary Peter Bunor said;

“Since this thing happened there has been no single actor that called me to ask about my condition. It is a shame on their part. Would they say  they don’t know that I am sick?’

‘I had a stroke and that was the end of it. I was unconscious, and if you are unconscious you are dead. It was when I opened my eyes that I realized that I was in a church here in Delta State. I didn’t even know when they brought me down to this place. All I could remember is that I was on admission for a long time before they took me to a church where  God healed me.’

Thank God for his healing.

But why should his colleagues abandon him when he is still alive and in desperate need of help?

9 thoughts on “Actor Peter Bunor Sick With Stroke – “My Colleagues Abandoned Me”

  1. Thank God for ur healing….come to think of it, its realy bin long i have seen this man on screen. its well with u

  2. Thus says the LORD: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart turns away from the LORD.

  3. Dats bad 4 d Nigerian industry,ur care alone is important bt al d same mr. Peter i tank God 4 u dat u are alive.

  4. Oh this Ogwash man! I am happy for you and may your healing be permanent in the name of Jesus. God that has kept you alive has a purpose for your life and may you greatly fulfill that purpose in the mighty name of Jesus. You are a good role model to be emulated by the up & coming artistes. God bless you!

  5. Its a pity Mr diva. But why is it that people only flock around those they judge they can benefit from? Selfless interest is what i champion and not sycophancy. God have mercy on us all.

  6. These issues of abandonning actors and actresses during sick period is becoming serious, They go RED carpet, shows, awards fashions and all sorts together and the main thing which is sickness they abandon each other. NOLLYWOOD try and improuve in that aspect. and the AGN what are you doing to improuve this problem when you me and dine together ? IBINABO na ur hand the Question dey ooo.

  7. thank God u ar heal, dis is d best time to prove to u dat only God can be trust in d time of problem,jst giv ur life to God nw.

  8. I thank God for that healing He gave to u and i pray dat d good Lord will perfect His Healings in ur life…..u should be more thankful dat u are alive cos my daddy is a victim…wen u are up in life,frnds will b around ur table but if u r down,dey will deny that old memories about u except few friends who knows what caring n love is all about….such is life,cheer up sir because at this stage in life,u dnt need stress or worrying ur mind who calls u or not or abandoned u…all u need to do to stay alive for ur family is to keep praising God from the depth of ur heart….i miss u on screen

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