Actress Joke Silva: “Africans See Europe As Streets Paved With Gold”

joke silva

April 9, 2013 – Actress Joke Silva: “Africans See Abroad As Streets Paved With Gold”

In this recent interview culled from The Sun, veteran Nollywood actress Joke Silva, the wife of actor Olu Jacobs said a major problem is that Africans tend to see Europe as a place where the streets are paved with gold and so Nigerian youths, plagued by poverty and deprivation will do anything under the sun to make it to Europe.

“In Africa, we tend to think that Europe is the place where the streets are paved with gold but that’s not the case. I was at a programme recently and I said ‘look, I was in the United States, on Rodeo Drive where you have all the rich people. Right there I saw people, white people sleeping on the streets.

“So, you see, there are so many poor people all over the world. What we are trying to say is that rather than leave your country, why don’t you just find an alternative? Whatever you think the other country has, come and develop it in your country. All over the world, people are facing challenges whether we like it or not. If we want things to be better for our country, let’s stay here and fight it collectively. We need to fight for what we need for our country. We don’t have to be violent about it. There are many options that will work for civil society. Going outside of this country illegally is not an option.

“The reason people are trafficked is either for their organs or to work as sex slaves and most times people fall victims because of the lies that they are told. Most times, these people are deceived by madams who pose as business women. They come back from probably Italy, build a couple of houses and say ‘I can take so many people with me and they will make a lot of money. They will come back and do the same thing I am doing with money’, and young people are misled.”

Are you planning to travel out of the country illegally? Are you seeking greener pastures in the Europe at all cost? Joke has a warning for you. Hear her: “When these people go, they never make enough money to come back. They are turned into sex slaves as soon as they arrive. Back in Nigeria, they are made to go to shrines to swear to fake gods. They are vulnerable and manipulated. If they are lucky they get to the other side but many die before that.”

[Interview by Tony Ogaga Erhariefe, The Sun News]

19 thoughts on “Actress Joke Silva: “Africans See Europe As Streets Paved With Gold”

  1. She’s inshort an icon,sm1 we teenagers hv 2 luk up 2,she’s a mother..i lv ha talk,jx lyk am listenin i prae oda teenagers do wish 2 listen 2…fnx maam 4 ur advice n aldsme hapi bufdae maam,many happi rtons,,KUDOS!!!

  2. That has been my earnest advice to most young people that believes in European nation. U can make it in niaja with hard work with God in ur side without being involves in criminality.

  3. It true, Europe is not whst will are thinking but where is the site security to invest in Nigeria.?

  4. True talk and a good advise from madam joke.Whoever that has travelled will know the challenges faced by those foreigners who intend to go and work abroad. But sm1 who doesn’t have money to establish his or herself in this nigeria will definitely look forward to a place where to make money but not to be prositute abroad. There are some other works like housemaid that fetch money.

  5. what of dose dat cn’nt get even 2 square ml 4 just 1day.nd no help 4rm anybody wht do want he or she 2 do.@joke bcos GOd has grant u nd ur husband wealth an richess na him make u dey get mount.if u dont hv anytin 2 say pls jst contuniun ur movie make u nor con dey show self.

  6. Mama Joke you spoke well and nothing but the truth. I luv your words i pray those who have ears will listin to this pice of advice xpecialy our youths. Indeed your a mother God bless ma. Luvs!

  7. i disagree with what she said….many pple i knw that travel make it not that naija is bad but how many more years we gonna use waiting for the right leader to lead us…even our leader take our money to europe nd they let us down….u beta be wise up… not part of this country….

  8. She wey dey talk were her children dey? Nigeria?
    Nonsence. Na jst because say i neva see as i go take travel go Europe na em make ha dey talk rubish dere. Mtcheeeew

  9. what are you trying to say ma? are you lamenting that it is very bad for Nigerians to travel abroad?

  10. Wat she said is nonsense, she nd her family go there as if dy re going to d toilet , if any body choose to go its depend if dat person can work well if u can ba wahala, so mama if d place no pay u again I beg go zamfara go rest nd let others too try dem luck

  11. all the ppl dat make comment on this issue is correct and have a vital point,i understand were shes coming from,but dont discourage pple of where or not to go, let dem try their luck as well bcos dere opportunity might not b in ninja so no harm in trying other coutry good luck to who ever want to try other place

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