Adultery & Divorce Scandal: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Threatens Lawsuit


pastor chris oyakhilome divorce scandal

Sept 5, 2014 – Adultery & Divorce Scandal: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Admits Wife Accused Him Wrongly, Threatens Lawsuit

In a bid to pull down the spiritual stronghold his divorce story is generating, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founder of Christ Embassy Church has broken his silence.

The eloquent pastor sent a warning message across to media outlets in Nigeria yesterday urging them to desist from posting the adultery related allegations brought against him by his wife, Anita or face lawsuit.

Hear what Pastor Chris said through his lawyers.

“The attention of our client, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, and the church has been drawn to the wave of false, malicious and fabricated stories being published in the print and electronic media about his person, the church and a matrimonial cause between him and his wife.”

Sharply criticizing the recent coverage of the divorce proceedings, which the statement did not refute, the release claimed that publishers went so far as to fabricate claims that he had committed adultery against his wife, Anita. These contradict her claims that the leader of Christ Embassy Church had indeed been unfaithful during their “terribly degenerated” marriage, something she disclosed through her counsel.

Oyakhilome’s counsel further said the media’s coverage was engineered to bring him and the church shame and ridicule, though his wife was the person who aired the allegations against him.

The statement acknowledged freedom of the press, but quite contradictorily cautioned that further action will be taken to safeguard the image of the church and the pastor if coverage continued.

“Be warned therefore that unless the concerned media houses desist from further publishing words and stories which are false and damaging of our client’s reputation and the church, we shall, without further recourse to the concerned publishers, promptly embark on appropriate legal machinery with a view to protecting our client’s reputation and that of the church,” Pastor Chris’ lawyer stressed.

Lawyers too much chop everybody must chop but lying against people by making up story isn’t proper.