Muslim Convert, British Guy Beheaded Grandma In London, UK [PHOTOS]


nigerian guy beheaded grandma london

Sept 5, 2014 – Muslim Convert, Mentally Ill British Guy Allegedly Beheaded Grandmother In London, UK [PICTURES]

The story making round is that the guy pictured above identified as Nicholas Salvadore beheaded an 82-year-old woman in the United Kingdom on Thursday.

25-year-old Mentally disturbed Nicholas who was said to be a recent Muslim convert was described as a very hostile and unfriendly person who give people middle finger on the streets.

He reportedly beheaded the innocent woman identified as Palmira Silva (pictured below) in her home in North London yesterday

grandmother beheaded london

One of the neighbour said :‘He’s a crazy guy. He’s got a big belly and tattoos and he walks the streets sticking his fingers up at people like Somalis.’

Another neighbour said the deceased whose husband Domenico died several years ago, was ‘such a sweet lady’ who still worked every day in Silva’s Cafe on Church Street, Edmonton.”

Nicholas Salvadore sounds more like someone from Mexico and not a Nigerian.

Perhaps he was identified as a Nigerian because of the two British-Nigerian extremists, Michael Adebolajo and Adebowale who beheaded a British Soldier in Woolwich South London last year.

May God help Nigeria, why must they attach every evil acts to Nigeria.

Please Note: The story making round is that the guy is a Nigerian, no be me talk am oooo. Will update you with more details shortly.