African American Mother & Daughter Say They Are Christian Lesbians, Sex Partners On Twitter


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Sept 16, 2014 – Divorced African American Mother & Daughter Say They Are Christian Lesbians, Sex Partners On Twitter

Shocking Confession Of Mary Josephine & Vertasha Carter Founders Of MADAL, Mothers And Daughters Love

A woman and her daughter have made a bone chilling confession of their feeling for each other on the social media.

The divorced woman identified as Mary Josephine Carter and her daughter Vertasha said they are both Christians. They went on Twitter with proofs of their incestuous feeling for each other.

They took to their joint Twitter handle, @VertashaAndMary, to confess to an amorous relationship between both of them, castigating all those who tried to rebuke them.

“I am Mary Josephine Carter and I refuse to let some little kids tell me about my damn self. I was in church yesterday, were you?” she asked her critics, while explaining that their kind of affair is not lesbianism, but a love affair between a mother and her daughter, and strengthened with sex.

“Vertasha and I knew we were attracted to each other when she was 16. But we decided to wait to have sex until she was 18, legally of age. We are now going public with our relationship to help others who might be in gay mother/daughter relationship feel confident and okay about coming out. We want the world to know we love each other as mother and daughter and romantically,” she said.

On their Twitter handle, which currently has 849 followers, they pride themselves as the first openly African-American mother and daughter lesbian couple.

Giving further details of the relationship, Mary Carter, who has two other children, one, a boy of 14 and the other eight, said she began the incestuous affair with his daughter when she divorced her husband.

According to her, Vertasha was always there during that trying period.

“Vertasha was there for me during my divorce…Yes I am in a sexual relationship with my adult daughter. No, we are not demons. We are humanic (sic) with feelings.

“I am very well educated. High school diploma and my associates number 1. Then I received a bachelor’s degree. God may put one same sex love in your life. It does not make you a homo. I never looked at woman like I did Vertasha. I am not a lesbian. Vertasha and I fell in love unexpectedly.

“This is not a lesbian crusade. My relationship is a minority. They tell us we cannot be together because I birthed her. Unfair. Every morning, I drink a cup of coffee with a honey bun, and it tastes like Vertasha my honeybun,” she said, explaining further that the relationship was working because she knows how best to deal with her partner and daughter, whom she called “my little wife.”

“Vertasha and I know each other very well and we avoid conflict. I believe I have the guide to a firm and strong relationship. I know what works and does not work,” she said.

For those she called confused heathens for criticising her, Mary said against their opinion, her relationship was just as normal as any other relationship.

“Do not tell me I am a bad parent. My daughter Vertasha is over 18 years old and her choosing me as her sexual partner is her choice. I have a perfect relationship because she never disobeys and is obedient. I listen to her and every night we talk our issues,” she argued.

However, Mary Carter, who had earlier granted an interview on the love affair with her daughter, is currently facing the consequence of revealing the affair.

She has been fired in her place of work and is being despised by friends and family members. She and her family are also facing death threats from people.

She is currently out of her house with her children.

According to her, the family have moved into a motel while she met with her lawyer for several hours on Monday.

“We shouldn’t have come out to the world. We did the interview and it was just posted. I had to send my lawyer to pick up the little ones. We are going to a hotel because people are targeting us.

“Indeed the support from African-American women is horrible. Unsurprised at this. They hate themselves; fake hair and contacts. If Vertasha and I was a white mother-daughter same-sex couple, it would be encouraged. Once again, white privilege. We are being discriminated against like criminals,” she lamented.

Mary Carter added: “Our story is new to everyone, our family, friends and the community. I have been told to not show up to work today.”

For those persecuting her because of her sexual orientation, she said: “I serve a mighty, mighty God who gives me the strength to complete my goals and guide me to holiness. No weapon formed against us, shall prosper,” Mary said

She quoted ‘Romans 12:10 which says: “be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves,’ to justify her love affair with her daughter.

On her part, Vertasha, whose name was coined from Tasha, her real name and Vergel, her surname, confirmed that she and her mother started having sex when she turned 18 after they started dating when she was 16.

Vertasha, who seems to be happy with the affair, said: “My mom is still my mom. She does normal mom stuff: buys me clothes, pays for food, and tells me to make our bed. We just happen to enjoy sex with each other too.

“The love is the root of our relationship. My mother and I love like everybody else and the sex is just the perks of being so close. A mother knows how to please her child the best and, yes, I’ve had a man before but after age 16, I knew home is where the heart is.”

Mary has been fired from her job since she confessed to the incest. The two are trying to set up a bank account for assistance from fans as well as start a new belief they tagged MADAL, Mothers and Daughters For Love to propagate their beliefs.

What an abomination!!!! End time is here folks