African Facebook Users In 2013: Nigeria Ranks 3rd In Africa & 36th In The World

african facebook users in 2013

June 30, 2013 – Nigeria Becomes Third Largest User Of Facebook In Africa; 36th In The World

African Facebook Users In 2013: Nigeria Ranks 3rd In Africa & 36th In The World

Nigeria is the third largest user of Facebook in Africa in the latest ranking of countries using the social interactive site on the internet by the World Bank.

Tagged African Facebook Users in 2013, the figures as at March, 2013, showed Nigeria having 5, 357, 500 to take the third place in Africa as South Africa came second with 5, 534, 160 users and Egypt led with 13, 010, 580.

The World Bank which said it took up the study as part of efforts to understand the revolution taking place on the internet, put the total figure of users in Africa at 50, 386, 760.

In the report, Morocco came close to Nigeria with 5, 250, 340 users while Algeria has 4, 322, 820 users and Tunisia has 3, 436, 720 users.

Also, the report said Kenya has got a total of 1, 886, 560 while Ghana has a total of 1, 465, 560 users of Facebook.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, according to the report, has the least number of users among the countries under study with a total of 891, 140 users.

Comparing the figures with other countries of the world, the report showed that Egypt, though the largest in Africa, is 20th country in the world rating it with Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan.

South Africa is 32nd largest user of Facebook worldwide and was rated with Saudi Arabia, Romania and Ecuador.
Nigeria, third in Africa is 36th in the world and was rated with Belgium and Morocco.

Across the world, India has 62, 963, 440 users of Facebook, Indonesia has 47, 165, 080 users while Mexico has 39, 945, 620 users.

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