Afrocandy Blasts Mercy Johnson & Ini Edo “They Used To Beg For Nollywood Movie Roles”


afrocandy mercy johnson ini edo

August 12, 2013 – Afrocandy Blasts Mercy Johnson & Ini Edo “They Used To Beg For Nollywood Movie Roles”

Ex-Nollywood actress Judith Opara Mazagwu aka Afrocandy who became unpopular after her soft-porn movie hit the web few months ago is back in the news.

This time around, the controversial actress who recently claims Nigerians are mad for insulting her adult movie role is playing the blame game.

She recently took a strong hit at movie stars Mercy Johnson and Ini Edo.

Afrocandy claims Mercy Johnson used to walk around movie set to beg for movie roles in those days when she was a successful actress.

She also said she used to give Ini Edo rides to movie location in those days before she (Afrocandy) relocated to United States Of America.

“For those of you that just started watching Nollywood Movies, I have been around, even though I left Nigeria when I was just about to hit the actual Stardom and Transformed to AfroCandy. When I was in Nollywood, Ini Edo had not even a Bicycle and I drove her to the Locations twice I worked with her, Macy Johnson was still running around looking for waka pass to play, Now that I came back in full force to take back my position most of you are mad. Why are you mad tho? don’t hate the player, hate the Game” – said Afrocandy

Can she deny the fact these two actresses are doing better than her now?

With her controversial lifestyle, can she ever attain the heights Mercy Johnson & Ini Edo has attained now in Nollywood?

Let the truth be told, Afrocandy is no more relevant in the history of Nollywood.

Her personal attack is aimed at bringing successful movie stars down.

Afrocandy the story teller make we hear party 2. LOL