Kemi Adetiba Blasts Nigerian Girl Who Vows Never To Return To Nigeria


nigerian girl vows never to return

August 12, 2013 – Kemi Adetiba Blasts Nigerian Girl Who Vows Never To Return To Nigeria From America

Few days ago a Nigerian girl based in the United States of America identified as Kola Olaosebikan vows never to return to Nigeria again after the issue of underage marriage surfaced.

In the video that went viral last week, the young lady who claims she would never return to Nigeria again called her country of birth all sorts of names.

Watch the video below


Kola’s argument allegedly upset some Nigerians who lashed her with all sorts of comments.

Check out few comments below;

  • And that type of “my efforts won’t do anything” mindset is exactly why Nigeria won’t change. You’re not going to get a different leadership until you ADVOCATE for one. Nigeria is not the only country to have had leadership problems. Many countries have been reformed through the persevering efforts of their citizens. Why not Nigeria? My issue with this video is not that she doesn’t want to get involved, but the fact that she has audacity to criticize ppl who aren’t getting involved either. -soso94
  • Kola, I am a little confused as to your intent in the video. Are you just sounding off about your frustrations with Nigeria or are you really trying to effect a change by starting productive conversations? You cannot on one hand say and I rephrase “I will have nothing to do with Nigeria until its justice system is fixed by others” and then in the same breath say “share ‘my’ video so that we can start a conversation”. A conversation to complain some more? – cremeachocolat
  • You enjoy America today because of the sweat and blood people sacrificed to bring about the civil rights movement. ONE American, Martin Luther King, didn’t flee back to Africa because of the injustice in the American system, he stayed. He had ONE idea, ONE dream, that he shared and it empowered the American people to THINK, ACT and strive for CHANGE. Years later, you have Barack Obama. I will like to hear from you, so we can discuss further, I know you’ve greatness in you. – warrior of light
  • Thank God you can leave Nigeria and rep it from a-far. But You cannot make a difference by so-doing and until you can, people will not respect your opinion especially from the perspective it is coming from. “why wont you leave Nigeria” . I could think of a million reasons why you shouldn’t think like this, but here is one; If we all left then the little girls you want to represent will STILL be without HOPE. KOLA YOU ARE NIGERIA. – Rebecca Roberts

Kemi Adetiba, the former host of Maltina Dance All TV show has shared her thoughts on Kola Olaosebikan‘s video on instagram.

Read what she said below;

I try to stay away from controversial topics because I am extremely opinionated and can get overly passionate but after dear friend posted the video of this lady on her FB I was moved to say something. First before you continue with my statement. My first reaction after watching this video was to punch this young lady in the neck, but that wouldn’t be last like. My next reaction was to Cry. Cry because of the ignorance. Cry because her intention might good but her execution is distorted.

First off, every point she tried to make is watered down by her starting each sentence with “WHY WOULDN’T I LEAVE…”. Yet she moulds her points like she is advocating for change.. My dear, you are part of it. Many people might have the same reasons for not moving back to Nigeria (I for one am bi-continent) but you don’t see that many people wearing it like it is some badge of honour. It should be with shame and you should instead start the sentences with “How can I change…” If i was to do a video about the USA in the same spirit as this fine, young lady exudes in this video, she would be shocked and understand that THAT mirror she is thinks they are fighting on the side of RIGHT.

She also says “Why should she fight when there is no justice system in place that says that if you die for something you believe in, at LEAST someone will be held accountable for your death” Lol. Smh. That same America she is in, she should read up on it’s history then say that to Malcolm X, Emmett Till and all the other names that were not popular or published. If the Martin Luther Kings and the Nelson Mandelas had her exact same attitude… SMH p. S Your Ass STILL sound Nigerian… So, NEXT!!

From our own investigation, Kola Olaosebikan didn’t reveal her real identity online.

She is a blogger who took to YouTube to promote her blog under the pretense of slamming Nigeria.

If you click on her YouTube Video, you will see a link to her motivation blog there.

What a wrong way to promote a brand.