Ahmed Musa & New Wife Set For Calabar Traditional Wedding..See Court Wedding Photos

ahmed musa new wife

May 25, 2017 – Ahmed Musa & New Wife Set For Calabar Traditional Wedding..See Their Court Wedding Pictures

Ahmed Musa who married his secret lover of two years legally in Ikoyi on Monday is getting ready to marry her traditionally.

According to insiders, Juliet Ejue and Ahmed Musa will be having their traditional wedding very soon.

A source from the family of his first wife, Jamila said Ahmed Musa is doing everything to frustrate their daughter out of his life since he didn’t marry her legally like he did for Juliet even when she requested for it.

The source added that Ahmed Musa didn’t pray before marrying Juliet because they were told she came into his life to have a share of his inheritance and ruin his career.

Here are more photos from the legal wedding ceremony of Ahmed Musa and First Lady Juliet Ejue.

ahmed musa traditional wedding

16 thoughts on “Ahmed Musa & New Wife Set For Calabar Traditional Wedding..See Court Wedding Photos

  1. Happy married the second time 2 more to go. .just wondering why all the big smile on their faces

  2. foolish girl olobo rirun. dis ahmed is an ingrate. If am Jemila i go use juju finish you and dt olosho girl

    • Hey, Musa is entitled to marry four wives as a Muslim dodo not judge him for marring Juliet

  3. Some times marriage deserves this kind of challenges , no ever knows what they have pass through before musa decides to think the other way round , i take stroll …

  4. watching film….go
    ask taribo west and amokachi Wetin ruin their career, yansh dey hunger u Abi? since u don dey follow dis bitch, check ur career.Abi no b bench u always dry for Leicester? aboki boy.

  5. sir mu,happy marrital life…..i thought you naver had time to carniuvase for a pretty queen of this kind ?

  6. @Bukunmi, musa is entitled to marry more than one wife says there region, even Jemila knows that.
    so forget that juju thing my dear!! make i no forget to say Congrats ooooo
    #More wives on the way#

  7. So because of this fine beautiful gorgeous lady Musa sent his wife and kids parking.
    Musa, I bet you will surely come back to your real wife but my to you is “don’t wait too long” to realize your mistake.

  8. well,it’s natural we reserve d right to decide how we want to live our life,Musa hasn’t done anything wrong to marry dis pretty danta,but am only against him pushing d former away.

  9. You guys have not said what I’ve been expecting to hear. Since Musa is entitled to marry as many wives as possible like their tradition says, will this his wife maintain this gorgeous smile on her face when Musa tries to go for another wife?, that’s my question because he will eventually do. remember their “tradition” permits that…

  10. The did has already been done, as no body can unwing the hand of a clock. what you people traying to said it will not stpping him from doing this marriege, Then The smile that coming from his mouth it is the sign of love and happiness.

  11. O boy if you are Muslim. Carry go but if you are Christians. Hei, it means God will punish this marriage

  12. Musa! do and go back to step up your game, now that the distraction is over. #calabaryashdistraction

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