Akwa Ibom Banned Buhari Friends From Using Unity Park Uyo For Anti-Corruption Rally

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August 8, 2015 – Akwa Ibom Banned Buhari Friends Organization From Using Unity Park Uyo For Anti-Corruption Rally

The Akwa Ibom State Government has denied the Buhari Friends Organisation Network the venue where it wanted to use to address its members after a South-South zonal rally against corruption.

The National Coordinator of the group, Athanasius Okon, said on Saturday that the organisation decided to begin the programme from the Unity Park in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital, since it is the group’s South-South zonal headquarters.

According to him, government officials asked the group to write a letter to the permanent secretary in charge of the facility for permission to use the venue, which they did.

He noted that there was nothing they did not do, as law-abiding citizens, to secure the venue.

“We held an event in this park before. We paid money then as well as for this event. We sent a letter to the governor of the state, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, inviting him as a guest of honour. We did not let the government out of the arrangement.

“The officials asked us to write a letter to the Permanent Secretary for permission and we did. We followed due process. They were trying to play politics by telling us to come back in the guise that the commissioner was not around.

“These were the same people in the office that asked us to write a letter to the permanent secretary.

“Our officials paid money without mentioning BFON and they gave us receipt immediately,” he said.

The state government had in January denied the All Progressives Congress the Uyo Township Stadium for the hosting of a presidential rally.

The state Publicity Secretary of APC and former Commissioner for Information, Mr. Ita Awak, said it was the development that made the party to hold the presidential rally at Asan Ibibio.

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8 thoughts on “Akwa Ibom Banned Buhari Friends From Using Unity Park Uyo For Anti-Corruption Rally


  2. Which Abuja ? Pls they should carry their brooms to Yola or Borno and sweep those their jihadist brothers out.

  3. This is a welcomed development. After all jonathan’s billboards were not allowed to pasted in some of the northern parts. I don’t know why this can’t make use of their senses, just because they need money and fevour from buhari’s government.

  4. @All d commentators above. look at u guys, u stil hate buhari, u dnt want to admit he is ur leader, u dnt want to admit dat buhari’s 4-5th months efforts to develope d country has surpasses GEJ’s 6years efforts(of distruction nd demolition). buhari has come to stay, nothing u could do to change it. ur brother (GEJ) was there nd he was d worst on that throne. but u stil voted for GEJ when it was clear to u dat he could nt move d country forward. and GOD disappointed d sentimentalist, tribalist, the votes of those with non partial heart counts. Thanks

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