Alleged Gay Alexx Ekubo Rejects Marriage Demand From Fans

alexx ekubo married

Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo, has started an Instagram campaign to stop people from pressuring him into marriage.

The campaign, tagged, #Don’tPressureAlexxEkuboToEarlyMarriage was accompanied with the message, ‘Aexx marry today, Alexx marry tomorrow, na so una go dey tension me, till i go enter one chance, make una leave me abeg, before i take my hand knack tipper wey carry sand.’

He turned comic, ending the message with ‘Sincerely yours, Daddy G.O Chop Life Ministries Global, Supreme Leader of the Unmarried Brethren Worldwide.’

In 2017,  it was reported that Alexx was in love with Nigerian American model Fancy Acholonu but it all turned out to be a hoax started by the actor to cover up his rumoured gay lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “Alleged Gay Alexx Ekubo Rejects Marriage Demand From Fans

  1. I can’t believe Alexx na “ado furo” God help him sha. Na free world another Bob Risky in the making.

    • Fanny, most gay men are handsome. They are irresistible to some women. The reason why they have to go that way only known by them.

  2. Abeg free the guy jare. You always have a name for the single ladies or single mums, now a guy who has not married according to your timetable is being called gay. Must everyone marry using your timetable? Why not face your own issues and stay away from other people’s lives, afterall, if he marry, wetin una wan contribute to him life?

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