Anambra First Lady Ebele Obiano & Her Killer LED Sunglass

anambra state first lady sunshade

Anambra First Lady Ebele Obiano & Her Killer LED Sunshade

Meet our First Lady, her Excellence Ebele Obiano, the First Lady of Anambra state.

The madam no easy is about to break the internet wiht her LED sunshade.

Her look here is the subject of an ongoing gist on the social media.

Read what people are saying about her.

Anmabra state first lady! Ndewooooooo

Tom Ochiemhen 发布于 2019年8月2日周五

ebele obiano news

Too much money dey worry person.

5 thoughts on “Anambra First Lady Ebele Obiano & Her Killer LED Sunglass

  1. welder gucci eye glasses..Its all about attention seeking and nothing more.can u tell me why a delegation of 200 people will accompany president for united nations meeting?oyinbos go just shake dia head and laugh in disguise.Governance should be all about simplicity and leadership by example but not in a banana republic..ndi anambra,,i feel una ooo

  2. This is the joke of the century, classic definition of half baked literate, and show of foolishness. She looks like tilapia fish with her mouth wide open. Is she still single and going for a fashion show? This is not a good example especially from a supposed first lady of a state.

  3. The sunglasses to me doesn’t make any sense. Abeg, as if na welder arrange the glasses for her for Anambra there.

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