Anglican Priest Injured As Gas Explosion Kills Girlfriend In Awka Anambra State

anglican priest injures cooking gas explosion

July 14, 2016 – Explosion Injures Anglican Priest At Girlfriend’s House In Awka Anambra State, Lover Dies

Anglican Priest Injured As Cooking Gas Explosion Kills Girlfriend In Awka Anambra State

A priest with the Anglican Church in Awka Anambra state yesterday escaped death by a whisker when a cooking cylinder exploded in his secret girlfriend’s house on Allen Avenue in Awka.

The alleged lover died on the spot while the priest was secretly flown abroad for medical treatment due to high degree of burn.

Hear what a local resident said on the tragedy:

“The reverend father’s relative is a friend and he did not say anything different from what is being reported. The girl died on the spot but the priest was hurriedly smuggled away and we heard that he has been flown abroad, apparently to cover traces.

Are there no hospitals in Nigeria? “I have told them to stop covering this story. What do they want to achieve by hiding this story. The truth should be told and shame the devil.”

15 thoughts on “Anglican Priest Injured As Gas Explosion Kills Girlfriend In Awka Anambra State

  1. Too bad! Sometimes when these gas cylinders developed leaks, they are not detected until the hazard blows. The safest way to handle cooking gas is to keep the cylinder reasonably far from the kitchen.

  2. people should en devour to always lock up their cylinders after cooking to avoid this type of explosion

  3. I too like christians, You’ll never c comments like religion of this religion of that. There’s is god oooooo. Well, I’m not suprised this is a religion of luv, the man of ******is only demostrating the luv.

  4. wetin anglican priest d do in his secret galfriends house?did he came to preach for girl or did he came to act bluefilm with girl? if na bluefilm he came to act, u knw say they don d act bluefilm since befor God come use dis explosion exposed them,still the so called children of God r hiding it.

  5. Reverend father? hunn but they are the one preaching against adultery if am not mistaken, we don’t even know the God’s chosen, the victim might even be his church member.

  6. Kerosene is now 220 per litre in my area. Why won’t people resort to using gas when an average nigerian can’t even afford kerosene that is a common commodity for the masses. Many are not aware of the dangers involve in it usage. And because today gas is by far cheaper than kerosene,people even the poor ones who lack the knowledge about the disadvantage of it use tend to switch to using gases. Quite a number of family in my yard have bought theirs. And this are people I believe have very little or no knowledge about the disadvantage. We are therefore Appealing to mr president to help us bring down the hike of kerosene prices to an affordable one so the inexperience ones will not keep exposing themselves to the danger associated with the use of gas cooker.

  7. Where is D Hunter’s comment. Imagine Reverend Father have secret girlfriend. If u no u want do-Do, if u no u no dey do-No Do.

  8. What was the priest doing in a single lady‘s house all alone? It should have been the harlot priest that was killed by the cylinder, the devil just missed a target, Nonesense! preaching what they cannot practice.

    He thinks it is easy to remain a celibate without first counting the cost.

    If he doesn‘t repent of a truth, next time, he might not be this lucky. Rubbish.
    Ye ye dey smell.

    I take a stroll…

  9. Rev. Father womanizer. Everyone knows the truth already, if not it won’t be on media and on this site. RIP adulterous girlfriend.

  10. Is it a crime for ordain to visit a female friend?
    May be went there to collect his books the young lady borrowed from his library, who knows! Who knows the purpose of his untimely preist. Recall, Anglican Priest has liberty to mary a woman of there dream.

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