Angry APC Lawmakers Blast Saraki, Call Him Selfish Thief, Peace Meeting Ends In Verbal Fight

saraki meeting apc members

June 23, 2015 – Angry APC Lawmakers Blast Saraki, Call Him Selfish Thief, Reconciliatory Meeting Ends In Verbal Abuse

Another peace meeting aimed at turning down the heat Saraki’s Senate Presidency is generating among his colleagues has failed.

Yesterday, APC Chairman John Oyegun met with Saraki and some aggrieved APC members who voiced out their opposition to Saraki’s desperate Senate Presidency ambition.

According to fillers,  half way into the meeting, one of the elderly lawmakers from the North stood up and pointed at Saraki calling him all sorts of derogatory names.

Oyegun reportedly called off the meeting to avoid physical battle as Saraki vows to deal with those opposing his position.

Saraki is ready to fight to finish, he thinks that post belongs to him.

6 thoughts on “Angry APC Lawmakers Blast Saraki, Call Him Selfish Thief, Peace Meeting Ends In Verbal Fight

  1. The stock in trade of the Yorubas of Ilorin origin is traitorous behaviour. Bukola Saraki’s father Olusola Saraki had sold the conscience of all Kwaran Yorubas to the north before he died and so, if his son Bukola follows on his father’s treacherous character; he couldn’t be least bothered because its a character that runs through the Saraki family to be uncouth and unreasonably ambitious, they have an unenviable trait as a family to assume leadership positions even when such ambition is unpopular. The case of Bukola’s junior sister’s failed ambition to be foisted by her father as Governor of Krawa State is so fresh to remind Nigerians that Bukola Saraki is his father’s reincanate and should be carefully watched before he destroys APC.

    • sorry dear, you will not understand how this politics are being done…please Nigeria has out grown party politics. politics are not for dull brains saraki should fire on. he should move Nigeria forward.. any aggrieved politician should accept it like that for the sake and peace of Nigeria. after all we have been taught how to make sacrifices, so they should do so for the sake of their party and Nigeria, i dont think is too much.

  2. we want INDIVIDUAL THAT that can delieve not party..politics, Nigeria has out grown that. so SARAKI SHOULD GO ON:::all their secret agenda has been exposed. tinubu and co hort you are all losers.

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