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Anita Joseph: My Husband Must Not Complain When I Fart & He Must Tell Me ‘Well Done Princess’

anita joseph husband complain when i fart

August 12, 2017 – Anita Joseph: My Husband Must Not Complain When I Fart & He Must Tell Me ‘Well Done Princess’

In this recent interview with The Entertainer, controversial Nollywood actress Anita Joseph talked about marriage, the kind of man she wants to marry and other issues.

“Marriage comes when it comes. I’m not bothered about it. If my boyfriend shoots well and I get pregnant, then that’s fine.

Marriage crashes are everywhere but that doesn’t really bother or worry me. In fact, it makes me stronger and challenged.

It reminds me that when I finally get married, I must remain in it because there are wolves out there waiting to devour the union,” she said.

Describing the kind of man that tickles her heart, Anita maintains that he must posses a charming sense of humour, along other qualities.

“My kind of man must be spirit filled. He must fear Jehovah God. There’s nothing more attractive to me than a man that loves God. He must also make me laugh a lot; charming good sense of humour. My husband must be a power dresser, smells nice. I don’t like loud men. I don’t like a man that picks or blows their nose anyhow, especially in the public.

“I love a man that I can fart in his presence and he will tell me ‘well done princess’. He can fart in my presence too, no problem. I don’t do cinemas; I prefer to stay indoors with my man. After all, I have television at home; all I have to do is to buy popcorn and Fanta, then off the light and enjoy the moment with my man,” she gushed.

The outspoken movie star also recalled her unforgettable moment as a celebrity.

Hear her:

“Hmmm… it was when some guys tapped my bum. I guess they found my butts irresistible. I can’t forget that day. I wanted to remove my heels and pursue them, but the actress in me held me back. If not, they would have seen the other side of me.”

[Saturday Sun]



  1. Bench

    August 12, 2017 at 6:35 AM

    Chai. I am equal to the taxi. All the things wey you are say here is wetin I do oredy. I am have fear to God. I be rastaman and rastaman is fear God pass away other pipul. Rastaman is fear God like how Jew pipul is fear God for Israel. If na mess you like to mess, I like am o. When you mess praa, I mess pruu. You mess tatata, I mess fuuuu. Na song be that o. Na music beat. We no need radio again. Praa pruu tatata fuuu. Praa pruu tatats fuuu. But our house go de smell well well o. When your mess smell mix with my mess smell, na chemical is form or acid. It fit even make small pikin craze o. Or the pikin is turning to def and dump. Chai. Even if you like make you mess for my nose. I go just shout hmmmmmmmm. I go tell you weldone princess. Then I go combine your mess smell with igbo. The thing go make me go high and I go remember wetin I have forget bifor, and also forget wetin I have remember bifor. Chai. Sweet thing. Abeg where can I posibul to meet you so that we go marry sharp sharp?

  2. Big Aunty Koks

    August 12, 2017 at 7:42 PM

    So picking nose is more offensive than breaking wind? Mmmmmnnnn, the research continues!

  3. Matamoros

    August 14, 2017 at 2:50 AM

    How does this become news. Shameless idiot.

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