Annie Macaulay On 2Face Idibia – He’s The Most Supportive Husband In The World

2face idibia annie macaulay

Oct 18, 2012 – Annie Macaulay On 2Face Idibia – He’s The Most Supportive Husband In The World

Annie Macaulay who recently tied the nuptial knot with African Queen Crooner, Tuface Idibia in Lagos State Nigeria has opened up on her exciting marriage with the

In this latest interview with Encomium, here is what Annie said about 2face:

I had butterflies in my stomach the morning after 2face proposed to me. I couldn’t believe I would finally marry the only man I have ever loved. Being Mrs Idibia has been beautiful. It’s everything I expected and much more. I am married to the most understanding and supportive husband in the world

The couple which started their relationship back in 1998 have a beautiful daughter together.

Annie is currently pregnant expecting her second bundle of joy.

20 thoughts on “Annie Macaulay On 2Face Idibia – He’s The Most Supportive Husband In The World

  1. Abeg make i hear jor.supportive b now d tin d swt u.u can neva stop a cow 4rm eating grass but u can tell it 2 stop.tank God u sabi say him d support 4 b wey love woman no fit cheat on her.u’ve dated 4 more dan 13yrs and within 13yrs,ur supportive husband don support women 4 bedroom give dem children Local government area.abegi go sleep,dis no b love story na f**k story

  2. Happy home my dear sis, dont mind wat pple say 4 dey dont knw dat, one man food is another man posion. so,lets try to rejoice when others are, & stop critizing cos no man is perfect.

  3. bt na wa oo so instead of dis rich men to use dis money to clean de tears comot for poor ppl eye dem just dey labish am wel na God go help us

  4. i don’t understand how many times r they gonna get married they were married in oct 2012 according to wht i just read ahead, plus she evn called him her husband b/4 the yr 2013 even came. then had a traditional wedding on march 8, 2013 i think & a formal wedding on march 23 2013 wht the heck is going on. she claimed the last name title idibia even b/4 they wedded in 2013. but now she saying she just married him some 1 plz help. so they married 3 times or wht?

  5. Annie pls don’t mind wat pple r saying jst enjoy ur marriage with 2face. Happy married life

  6. Anne I no envy u. U desrv am. U no bck out of heart break whn 2baba dey born born evri where, u get patient and endurance. Enjoy am na ur own

  7. @meg lol,ur comment hot oo,meg no kill me wit laff,wel nobody wll say hm mama soup no swt,annie protect ur hubby joor,heheheh,lol

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