Are We Practising Christianity Right In Nigeria By Ayodeji Alonge

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June 30, 2014 – Are We Practising Christianity Right In Nigeria By Ayodeji Alonge

Before you criticize me. I am not a pagan. I believe God exist and he is Real. I believe in the birth and death of Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus Died for our sins. I also believe in Miracles.

But are we portraying him the right way. I keep on thinking are we practising Christianity the write way. We keep on asking God to destroy demons, Keep on telling them to suffer, burn and die. We keep on casting them. But I believe we should ask God to touch their hearts and help them and convert them to do good and do away with their evil deeds.

What if your brother was an evil doer and someone cast them to die. Would you like it? They need help, not to die. Another thing I would like to correct is the mentality that if you go to church you are automatically a “Saint” Demons are in the church so as angels you know. There are many people that are just there physically but not spiritually present. Most youths come to church to chat with their friends and as so called “Set P” or “Yan”. Most youths come to church to use Twitter, Instagram, Ping, WhatsApp. Etc.

Rather than listening to the sermon. The church is also a place of immorality both physically and mentally. Parents are also not left out they come to network and get contracts. They also do not want to be known as the church “stabber” but rather “The Holy Sister” or “The Holy Brother”.
I personally do not believe in cursing. Someone steals just a little thing like biro and you curse that their father will die. What did that person’s father do to you? Do they have to pay for the sin of their children? But most curses don’t work. If the person actually does wrong . God will punish them with what they deserve rather than us speaking against him or his family.

Most Pastors do not practice what they preach. They preach giving but they do not Give. The preach showing love but they do not show love. On every street there are at least 3 Churches (No Research Taken) I know of some pastors who do not get their power of miracles from God but from the Devil. The Pockets of the Pastors are getting fatter while the pockets of their members are slimmer.

When I was younger I used to have so much respect for pastors, preachers and evangelist. But as I grew older I began to think twice. These pastors keep on buying the best of cars and best of Planes. I have no problem with them driving good cars, But not extravagant cars and lifestyles. You see a pastor today buying 70 Million Naira Car. I am like are you going to die with this Car. Does a 70 million Car really add anything to your life.

Some of their members don’t even have enough to eat. I am not saying there are not pastors called up by God, Yes they are but they are getting extinct. You say you are running a “Christian School” Which is financed by the Church Money but the fees are the highest in Nigeria. The fees in Christian Schools are supposed to be subsidized with the same standard both internationally and nationally. Churches are supposed to set up free schools for the poor.

Most Sermons nowadays is about prosperity and breakthrough. Rather than holiness, doing the will of God and doing good in General like showing Kindness and Love. Yes by the Grace of God we shall be prosperous and we shall have Breakthrough.

Tithe: That’s a particular percentage of your income either disposable income or taxable income. What is the tithe actually used for? Is it used to enrich the life of the Pastor or the Less Privileged? Most Pastors use Convoys. What are you using Convoy for, is any one coming to kidnap you, are you a criminal? If you believe in God, God will protect you.

But if you believe in the power of the Nigeria Police and their Guns and so be it. For the women the Church is not the place for wearing your best “aso oke” “rura and buba” “ankara” “aso-ebi” keep that for the parties and weddings. Yes you can look Good. But do it in moderation and please dress decently.

I didn’t say dress like “Sister Mary” but dress moderately. Church is a place to be humble and not show off. Note the Church walk way is not a runway to model on. The church is not a place to market your products or your services. The Church is being turned to a money making business venture instead of it being a place to improve the spiritual life of the people.

Some Pastors, Preachers and Evangelist are not called by God but sometimes in disguise of the Devil. There are so many fake pastors around. My advice is please watch the Church you go to and the lifestyles of the preachers and pastors. Also remember to do good always.

5 thoughts on “Are We Practising Christianity Right In Nigeria By Ayodeji Alonge

  1. Has any of your brothers offended you, if yes, go and reconcile because keeping malice is a sin.
    I’m a proud muslim

  2. right saying,one can nt be besically hipnotise by some kind of selfish interest pastor or reveren in the name of worship.i believe God is every were,it just ,matter of seeking his presence.

  3. yes u are right. but one is that most people do not follow God’s word and worship on the sabbath day. if you can take out time to worship at the seventh day adventist Church. you will feel renewed and get baptized, have the mind set that u want to worship God. I always look forward to every Saturdays so I can go to church even though I don’t always have time to go for weekly service. take out time to find out that joy. the joy of the Sabbath. thank u. and u won’t regret it

  4. Hello I was reading a different article on this website and I found this one. We face the same problem here in America when it comes to prosperity preaching. Prosperity preaching is #1 in every country. The preachers pockets are fat with money but the people do not prosper. The Gospel is simple. Grace alone through faith alone through Christ alone. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free not for bondage to greed or demons. Many Christian churches here have been influenced by witchcraft and it seems like you face the same problem. I really liked in your article how you say that some of these preachers are operating out of the power of Satan not God.

    2 Corinthians 11:14 “13For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. 14No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.”

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