Arik Air Tyre Boy, Daniel Ohikhena Gets Scholarship To University Level – De Raufs To Sponsor His Education

Daniel Ohikhena scholarship

August 29, 2013 – Arik Air Tyre Boy, Daniel Ohikhena Gets Scholarship To University Level – De Raufs To Sponsor His Education

Daniel Ohikhena, a 15-year-old boy who flew Arik Air on tyre from Benin to Lagos last Saturday has been greatly rewarded.

Apart from the controversy his story generated, a volunteer group named De Raufs has vowed to sponsor Daniel’s education until his dream becomes a reality.

The DG of De Raufs group, Comrade Amitolu Shittu in an official statement said they will sponsor Daniel’s study until he finished his University education so he can fulfill his dream of traveling by air the right way.

Comrade Shittu said Daniel Ohikhena‘s ambition must be well nurtured through the right education channel.

De Raufs is a volunteer group of wealthy Nigerians extolling the virtues of Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

OMG this boy has suddenly become a star.

If he can focus on his education, his dream of traveling abroad will be realised within a short period of time.

Congrats to Daniel.

49 thoughts on “Arik Air Tyre Boy, Daniel Ohikhena Gets Scholarship To University Level – De Raufs To Sponsor His Education

  1. Congt. Daniel u av aready achieve ur dream.a very big thanks to rauf. Pls all my people don’t blem enybody again f dis boy even d security.god has a purpose f dis.let us remember when god want to wake our lord jesus christ he make all d security to sleep.that is d messiah for us.god want this boy to be a hero thanks

  2. This is exactly wat i said at d first time bcs dat small boy still have an ambition ahead even he may become the youngest professional pilot in his future.

  3. Congrats daniel.. For those that called dz guy bastard n fool,i fnk u can change d story nw b’cos dz guy is highly favour nw.. Nofn gud com easy,u’v to embrace d future bt one day d story wl change.. God bless u Daniel.

  4. de raufs i hope u will be able to sponsor others wen they start hiding in tire holes. Wat daniel did was dangerous and shldnt be encouraged. He cld have lost his life.

  5. Hunnn,schorlaship reward indeed,but nigeria pple should’t be suprise if they later hear that someone helse later found at the airport hiding inside tyre plane,that means what the boy did is not a crime anyway

  6. So to get attention frm the government,we ave to go beyond our limits.femi,its tym to go on top of d highest buildings to get noticed or i ave 2 go on top of d edges of d mainland bridge o.government cum 2 ma aid o,unless i go commit suicide 4ur head o

  7. naija see dis small boy don b com star over nyt jst like dat.hmmmmmmm mk another smart guy no go do d same tin say dem go give am scholarship oooo bt congrats shaa ooo cs u r going to b d next naija james………… una complete am .

  8. See me see trouble, how can they give a small criminal scholarship education, when there are children out there hawking and suffering without help, dem non fit give those one scholarship, na the one when they practice criminal dem they give scholarship, nigeria with low mentality

  9. infact me i won do ma own….lollllllllllll ineed scholarship to travel abroad to study.mayb dz cud b d only way to achieve dt snce embassey av denied me sever times.

  10. Congratulations to the boy Daniel(The James Bon of our time). Thank God for your life. On Monday 26/08/13, in my comment on PM News, I said Edo State government and possibly Federal govt should give this special boy scholarship to any level of education.
    Thanks to DE RAUFS for this kind gesture. I pray it will not be mere promises. I see Daniel as a great person tomorrow. I can’t imagine what or who inspired him to em backed on this risky adventure.
    We are not doing enough in terms of security at all. What if this boy was a suicide boomer, what would have happened to the passengers on board? It would have been another calamity for the entire country.

  11. Yea sometimes you have to scarifies and reach to your goal.
    And the little Daniel seems to achieving that !
    Keep it up Boy, you will soon lead Arik Air itself as their operation manager or their chief engineer

  12. Congrat,daniel u ve indeed proven wht daniels re made of.frm scripture to ur tym,both u nd babylonian ve defeat d laws of nature.u re d first boy to fly on d tyre compactmt of airplane.bravo boy.

  13. Papa Junior, anoda plane wan take off frm Port Harcort go Abuja. Abeg call Junior now-now-now make e enta d tyre b4 e take off.

  14. I’m so proud of you Comrade Amitolu Shittu. I read your promise to Daniel with tears of joy. Daniel I wish u de best.

  15. It pays to break law in Nigeria. If Daniel were law abiding, he wouldn’t have gotten the offer. So congrats, Daniel for being a terror that would have caused Arik air security problem. All the good boys/girls in Nigeria, to survive or be recognised for help break the law and you’ll see the magic like Daniel.


    Our law abiding citizens hardly finds soccour to survive. Lordhave mercy. Amen.

  16. What some people do that earns them fortune is what some people do that earns them death. God does things the way he wants.

  17. Hahahahahahaaa….nigerians make una just know say dis daniel of boy don put some families in2 wahala ooo….. If children begin hide under planes,dats when una wey dey support danboy go know say no be beta tin he do……

  18. this is to prove to the nigerian govt that they dont have any security at all. they govt has failed us and we are heading to doom. that is why the insurgent group can work into any strategic place to plant bomb. it means that someone can as well send this little boy to go and plant boomb in that plan and all we could do is to give sum scrab form of scholarship to the boy. dont the govt know that it is their duty to provide for the boy in the first place. JUST BIZY STEALING OUR MONEY

  19. The attitude of that boy is an attitude of a terrorist and some ignorant Nigerians are here supporting him! assuming he was with bomb, by now some of the passengers relatives would have been trown into a pool of tears by now, rubbish!

  20. U pple have gone the same way but died (if u read the first article on daniel) when he was asked is he ever heard of it he said no. some people that are thinking Its gud to break the law are very wrong because wot pays off for A may bring regret to B. What happenned to Daniel may just be God’s favour for him

  21. Its unfortunate dat our leaders seems no focus dat dey no longer differenciate between right and wrong, this is a practical example of encouraging time, but time shall tell when bomb will be plant in there private planes and jets. Gud luck to terrorist.

  22. Its unfortunate dat our leaders seems to have no focus, as dey no longer differenciate between right and wrong. This is a practical example of encouraging crime in our society, but dey will only understand when bomb is being plant in their private planes and jets.

  23. Its unfortunate that our leaders dont seems to differenciate between right and wrong. This is a practical example of promoting crime in our society, instent of helping less privilage children but rather encouraging terrorist.

  24. Eve not’nigeria govement are all fulls ‘mumu people’ that tins that das boy did true to god’les tink an say d true ‘it was conflm very wrong doing dith game’what of eve d boy is a boknrm’ an lie ‘ das it was nt’das it sometin else as he say’hmm nigeria we hv 2 tink of ourslf’it jst das god help that boy’ abeg that boy na bokoharom pratica useing

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