Imo State Nigeria’s New Pro Abortion Law: Catholic Doctors & Governor Okorocha At War

imo state abortion law

August 29, 2013 – Imo State Nigeria’s New Pro Abortion Law: Catholic Doctors & Governor Rochas Okorocha At War

Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha, and Catholic Medical Practitioners Association are at daggers-drawn over the abortion bill the former just signed into law.

The law, among others, permits women to procure abortion at will. Sponsored by the Majority Leader and member representing Ahiazu Mbaise state constituency, Mrs. Adekunle Ihuoma, the law is to be cited as “Imo State of Nigeria, Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Law Number 12 of 2012”.

According to the new law, every woman shall have the right to enjoy reproductive rights, including  rights to medical abortion in cases of sexual assault, rape, incest and where the continued pregnancy endangers the life or the physical, mental, psychological or emotional health of the mother.

The law also stipulates that “every woman shall have the right to take decisions about her health needs and requirements.”

The law was very specific that a woman “shall have the right to determine the processes concerning reproduction in her body.”

Okorocha also approved that every woman should have a right to health, which should be understood to mean enjoyment of the highest level of physical, mental and social well-being and healthcare services.

These provisions include everything relating to family planning.

Chairman, Catholic Medical Practitioners Association, Dr. Phillip Njemanze, has reacted angrily to the law, arguing that “the law is anti-God, dehumanizing and totally unacceptable to the association.

“The law is devastating. With its signing into law by Governor Okorocha, abortion has been legalized in the state and anybody, just anybody can now ask for abortion as a right in the state.”

While recalling that the National Assembly had earlier rejected the bill, especially as it was against humanity, Njemanze reasoned that the law would encourage human egg trafficking.


28 thoughts on “Imo State Nigeria’s New Pro Abortion Law: Catholic Doctors & Governor Okorocha At War

  1. This is indeed absolutely rubbish, a direct ticket to social vices. This is what people are suppose to talk about and not early marriage. Keep sentiment aside and be an analytical ability thinker in saying d truth.

    • Am really disappointed that the lmo state governor signed abortion bill into law,when they are so many challenges facing the nigeria economy including his state.abortion is not an issue.

  2. Gov Owelle Anayo Rochas has not only dissapointed Imo state but Nigeria in general. How on earth will he give his ascent to such bill? Even our so-called senator yerima can never be a partaker to such.

  3. nw i knw dat Gov okorocha is the second obama ple were talking about in Nig.” member of d freemason…anti christ. May d lord 4give him amen!

  4. Mr Govonor,You are directly supporting sex without condom which might lead to death during abortion and also the spread of STDs.God is watching!

  5. Miscarriage is also abortion whether forced or not. Let’s not be sentimental in our analysis of issues like this. God knows our heart and problems better than any man. Let’s do the right things and avoid mistakes that will lead to abortion. That’s my humble opinion. Let the Governor be. Q.E.D

  6. plz abortion shud b eradicated. It encourage children to start fornication. Its completely against the word of God. Abortion is killing.

  7. D governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha shld know dt God is watching nd wil come wt His wrat any time. D law is against natural law of sacredness of life. D governor shld retrace his steps.

  8. The truth is that some Nigerians like to live a life of hypocricy, wheather they legalize it or not,young,old,married and singles women line up before professional and quack doctors every day for abortion, so, what are we talking about? The issue here is for us to just pray for mercy in Nigeria.

  9. Will you shut up there Yusuf! Both Early marriage and Pro Abortion law are bad. Two wrongs can never make a right.God will save this nation from these Anti-Christ.2015 is just around the corner, Electorates shd mind the personalities of the pple they are voting into power.Shikena!

  10. Mr. Gov,as u are legalizing abortion so as u are giving room to more rate of Hiv carries in Imo state becos it is unprotected sex that will result to pregancy ang Hiv as well.

  11. ok lets look at the bigger picture. 1.abortion happens with or without it being legal 2.making it legal only means that women who need it can get a real doctor to perform it in a hospital where they have a greater chance of staying alive. 3. think about all those women who were raped, who cannot afford the up keep of having a baby.I think is is better for the economy not to have kids running around with no one to take care of them they end up turning to crime. We need to look into the law more and what is states

  12. what has unprotected sex has to do with this the fact is that most women who are raped or sexually assulted the offenders are not thinking about unprotected sex so what happens to them?? Why do we as nigerians always have one track minds. This is why we stay as an under develop country. Please God is alll knowing and he can fight his own wars why do we feel like we have to spoke for God. If you feel that God would not like it then you no do am. when we meet God na only you go answer for yourself. Just saying

  13. The earlier the Governor will repent, the better for him. This is not a welcomed development at all. Many souls will be wasted in this issue and the Governor will give account of them all.

  14. Did you guys even read the Abortion bill? “it says, in case of sexual assault, Rape incest, and medical condition Sic” if your sister, your wife is raped or the pregrancy is complecated and will affect her medically, will you encourage her to keep it? lets be real here. WOMAN have rights, and yes.. I support the Gov. on this one.

  15. @turey u support it seh if u sis is been raped nd she get pregnant nd she go ffor abortion cos u told her to, if d girl die her blood is on u, now my fellow Nigerians why dnt we pray for fast 2nd coming of christ cos everything seems to tire me 4 Nigeria ooooo imagin ASUU wf FG, Igbo deportation, Child marriage nw abortn bill dis our leaders are no gt human feelings at all, dat why at times dey take abnormal steps over issue. God av mercy on me n let me mk heaven

  16. People don’t showcase ur ignorance,D Bill is meant 4 medical issues.As a mother and health provider I can tell u with confident that nobody want a total deformed baby due to medical issue.d people making the most noise here will be first to post d baby picture here and scream about end time here by subjecting d baby &mom to life time torture.some babies are born without limbs,some with half heart.there are issues u don’t. have to believe till u see it,You guy should come up answers on how to defect boko harem & kidnappers instead of cracking it skulls on what u have no idea of it’s orgin. stop making a fool of urself.Don’t pen what u can not define.Am wairing for the fools to attack.

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