Arik Air Tyre Boy Gets Scholarship From Edo State Governor; Daniel Oikhena Admitted Into Boarding School

arik air boy scholarship edo governor

Sept 12, 2013 –Arik Air Stowaway Boy Gets Scholarship From Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole; Daniel Oikhena Admitted Into Boarding School

Believe it or not the 13-year-old Benin boy who got nabbed by FAAN officials in Lagos last month after a 35-minute flight on Arik Air plane from Benin to Lagos is now a national hero.

Following his risky adventure, the governor of his state, Edo State Governor Oshiomhole has offered to grant him scholarship till University level.

On Wednesday, star boy Daniel Oikhena and the Managing director of FAAN (Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria) Mr George Uriesi paid a courtesy visit to the State House.

Governor Adams made his intention known yesterday in a press briefing.

As we speak, star boy Daniel has gained admission into one of the best Secondary schools in Benin City.

Double blessing for Daniel Oikhena

Before Governor Adams’ promise, another group that aided his release from SSS office, De Rauf from Osun State has offered to sponsor Daniel’s education till University level

So with this new deal, the boy has two official sponsors.

Hear what Governor Oshiomhole said in a Press briefing in Edo State yesterday;

Without meaning to encourage anyone else, we decided to support him by sending him to one of the top secondary schools in Edo State that is owned by the Government. The reason for opting for a boarding school is that we think that there need to closely watch him which his parents could not do. “He is an intelligent young man with uncommon challenges, but one that has a vision. We had him examined by people who should know and the result confirmed that he is normal”, Oshiomhole noted. “This incident was probably the kind of trigger that we needed to improve the facilities at our Airports. ……

What a lucky boy! He has made history by force

Congrats to star boy Daniel Oikhena.

29 thoughts on “Arik Air Tyre Boy Gets Scholarship From Edo State Governor; Daniel Oikhena Admitted Into Boarding School

  1. his level of confidence still amazes me. how did he manage to do that?
    did someone helped him to get there

    warning to other young boys like Daniel out there, don’t try this again.

  2. I don’t know what u mean by not encouraging.Am coming back to Nigeria to board one of such,make sure my own scholarship is waiting for me oo.I need to get my masters degree in law.America is also tearing me up.should I board from Us to Lagos or Lagos to Edo? Be fast with d answers my bags are already packed.Back to d topic bros am happy for u,concentrate on ur studies no more flying,pls make this a history in a good way.

  3. Dis is wonderful,try 2 keep it up 2 achieve ur goals in future.My advice 4 my fellow pupils dat av already knw abt dis,don’t try to tink of wat d 13yrs old boy did bcos it might b very dangerous in ur own way. Congratulations !

  4. Thank you all for the good gesture.Thank GOD his plane did not land in USA, he would have landed in juvenile jail for constituting security risk.But now God has started working on him,his mistakes has turned to miracle.Watch that boy,God will take him to America b4 long but not tru tyre hole of the plane but by legal means,but let him be serious.more opportunities are coming for him.His case is peculiar bc most people who did the same died before landing.The cross of Christ on his neck saved him and has started making ways for him.Others, dont find your way to plane tyre holes because the glory of the sun is different from that of the star

  5. I pray God will empower Gov.Adams and his team and De Rauf organisation and well meaning NGS to help the boy fulfil his initial desire.There is vacancy for him in USA high school and colleges after.With GOD,all things are possible.

  6. My heart bleeds in the way this country of our goes. Security as well as welfare among other things is nothing to write home about.

  7. i’m happy 4u boy with this tears of joy coming out from my eyes i pray may the almight God we serve bless all those that contributed and supported u in ur time of needs,good one our governor may u live long.

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