Armed Robber Killed By Lagos Anti-Robbery Police During Rape Attempt

police killed robber agege lagos

April 22, 2014 – Armed Robber Who Attempted To Rape Victim’s Wife Killed By Lagos Anti-Robbery Police

Anti-robbery police squad from Elere station and Area G command in Ogba Lagos earlier today foiled a robbery attempt along Orile Agege road in Lagos killing one of the robbers.

According to PM News, the 6-man robbery gang stormed 61 and 63 Orile Road at about 02.25 am and started robbing from room to room before a distress call was made to the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Elere Police Station, Phillips Eze, who led a combined team of anti-robbery policemen to the scene.

Isaac Tunde Vaughan, a 43-year old victim who lost four wrist watches, two mobile phones and N72, 000.00, told our reporter that the robbers on sighting the police engaged them in a gun duel and one of the robbers was killed while others escaped with bullet wounds.

“The one that was killed attempted to rape my wife after they had robbed us. It was at that point the police arrived. It was the exchange of gun fire between the police and his colleagues that made him stop harassing my wife and he was caught by bullets from the police.

“We thank the police for responding to our distress call on time. Otherwise something else could have happen as the dead robber wanted to rape my wife,” he said.

Another victim, Success Onuoha, a 24-year old an indigene of Imo State, whose head was broken with bottle by the robbers, said items he lost to the robbers are three phones, a wrist watch and his ID card, while Segun Azannai, 22, a native of Badagry, lost three phones, an Identity card and N90,000 to the robbers.

A Ghanaian, Samson Osei-poku, also lost his phone and N2, 000. A journalist with P.M.NEWS, Oluwole Adeboye, said if not for his burglary and doors the robbers would have gained entrance to his flat.

He said they only succeeded in tearing the net, adding that this is the second time in six days that robbers attacked residents in the area. He thanked the police for rising up to their responsibility on each occasion.

[Reported By Yusfu Mohammed, PM News]

11 thoughts on “Armed Robber Killed By Lagos Anti-Robbery Police During Rape Attempt

  1. Have a rough trip to hell! U stupid bastard…….nobody wud appreciate what police have done here, its wen they fail to show up people wud be shouting.

  2. i am very happy to hear this news , police thank you for job well done this is what we want to always hear atleast even if this bastard who died you people kill am happy , i wish am in nigeria to give you guys hand shake .good job , animal i hope you are in hell now ,

  3. Good job boys.Even in death he still looks ugly and rob a man the things that took him time to gather and still want to rape his wife in his present.heartless monster ! Burn in hell lucifer .

  4. nemesis has finally caught up with u. I pray d same for dose that escaped
    ugly wicked monster

  5. Even in death, see how ugly and dirty you are. Rot in hell forever. By the grace of God, the bullet will still catch those your colleagues that escaped. For the police, well done. I wish you guys will continue like this. If the ones at mushin has responded to the distress call, the akala boys and the cohorts would not have ravaged the residents the way they did

  6. is face along will make children to cry,ugly dirty killer,after takeing everything from them he want to rape another man wife,he must be with HIV if not hwo on earth u will sleep with a woman without condom,he have something to share,God have save this woman and are husband in hand of this ugly killer,now welcome to hellfire.Big thanks to our Nigeria Police.

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