Baba Suwe Recounts Cocaine Drug Saga, Says NDLEA Yet To Pay Him N25M Compensation


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April 9, 2015 – Baba Suwe Recounts Cocaine Drug Saga, Says NDLEA Yet To Pay Him N25Million Compensation

Excerpt from Nollywood actor Babatunde Omidina aka Baba Suwe’s recent interview with a Lagos-based softsell magazine.

Interviewer: How Did The Cocaine Case Started

Baba Suwe: I am coming to that but I have to say this first, you see, there is a paper I am so much interested in because my first award came from them and they honoured me with awards more than six times but there are things you guys do that I don’t appreciate. Likewise PM News, this cocaine saga is not something one should be disseminating because you don’t broadcast what you didn’t see. I was suspected at night and the following evening, they had published it. I have never see cocaine in my life, I am not a cocaine baron.

Newspapers were carrying the rumour and I didn’t know anything because I was in their office eating and doing other things. It was the first night I got there that I didn’t excrete but the following day I started defecating. The law is that after going to toilet for three times, you should be released but mine wasn’t like that. I defecated for ten days without being released. They thought it was in my system. I don’t believe in charms because if truly they exist, a lot of people will be carrying them as protectors.

My stomach was flushed at NDLEA hospital and they didn’t detect anything and I was to be released, but their boss made it known to me that if they released me, the media would think they had been bribed. I was surprised when my family provided a lawyer for me because I thought it was a mere case until everything went wrong. I can swear with anything, I don’t know any other business than acting. There’s nothing in the acting industry that I don’t have, and I even rent to others and that is another money-making way for me.

Interviewer: Are you saying that NDLEA delayed you because of the press?

Baba SuweYes, you guys are part of the delay. They were also afraid to release me because of your reports.

Interviewer:  But news had it that such situation occurred in the US, while Satty Ramon came to your rescue?

Baba Suwe:  May we not be implicated. He’s not my backbone, though I am older than him. We spent our childhood in the same area at Ina Biri, Lagos while he was at Okerepo. There’s no single actor that will travel to London that he doesn’t entertain. Aside that, I mentioned a lot of names whenever I act. If you see Fuji artistes, they praise these people anytime they are on stage and I also pick the interest to compensate those that assisted my career and I also say the same thing about Asiwaju Tinubu and Governor Fashola. There’s no one in that business that you won’t see the traces from their appearance in the public. You didn’t see me with any trace of that. I don’t smuggle cocaine and monetary me is like wasting of time because it is not in my agenda. You will only be afraid when you are being threatened over what you do, but if you are not in that system, I don’t think there’s problem for you. I don’t do more than I know, I don’t club neither do I party. The rumour of the US is even part of what made them challenge me here in Nigeria. If I am in London, the rumour will spread that I have been detained in the US and ever since I have been travelling, I have not for once been arrested.

Sadly Baba Suwe lost his lawyer, Bamidele Aturu last year.