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Badoo Cult Members Sell Handkerchiefs Used In Cleaning Blood Of Victims To Politicians For N0.5M

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Badoo Cult Members Sell Handkerchiefs Used In Cleaning Blood Of Victims To Politicians For N0.5M

badoo cult members sell handkerchiefs victims politicians

July 3, 2017 – Badoo Cultists Sell Handkerchiefs Used In Wiping Blood Of Victims To Politicians For N500,000 (0.5 Million) Each For Rituals – Police Source

A police source has revealed why the menace of Badoo cult attacks in Ikorodu may not end soon.

The officer who sought privacy said members of the dreaded cult, mainly unemployed youths were motivated to carry out the brutal killings because they sell handkerchiefs used in wiping the blood of their victims to wealthy Nigerians especially politicians for N500,000 each.

It is believed that the politicians used the handkerchiefs for rituals.

Here is what the police source said:



  1. Mon

    July 3, 2017 at 5:18 AM

    The root of almost all the atrocities in Nigeria is traceable to politicians, directly or indirectly.

    Those guys will be set free after a phone call by their benefactors.

  2. iron bar

    July 3, 2017 at 6:43 AM


  3. Anike

    July 3, 2017 at 9:54 AM

    Sotan I knew it! i knew the so called ‘rich & influential’ people must be behind this evil called Baddo, that was why the incessant killings continued for so long. God’s judgement will come upon the wicked and their generations, because of money and power you are invading people’s homes and killing them, wiping generations off. I weep for my country Nigeria, why can’t you use your own children and family for rituals? So It has become a crime to be poor? God where is your face? My heart is bleeding! Nigeria stinks. it is only God that can cleanse it, the blood of the innocents are crying for revenge,no wonder we are praying and it seems as if God Does not answer prayers. God cannot be mocked! The same people behind these Badoo boys are the creme de la creme of the society’, the high and influentials, the ones that donate generously to good causes, they are seen as ‘good people’ God cannot be mocked! Even if you escaped judgement here on earth, your judgement is waiting for you in heaven and the children you used blood money to train will also be judged. Most of those using these Badoo boys are probably residing in Ikorodu and its environs collecting blood soaking handkerchiefs or they must have people within Ikorodu and around working for them who are intermediaries. God will judge all of you.
    It is good news that some of these boys have been arrested, we are calling on the good and God fearing people of Ikorodu Nigeria to make sure justice is done for the sake of the dead. Governor Ambode, Police, Obas, Chiefs etc you have done well but this is just the beginning, the battle has just begun, this case must not be swept under the carpet, don’t mind whose horses are gored,, remember you also have children and loved ones, pls don’t allow God’s wrath come upon you and your children for covering up evil. No one is above God, this evil called Badoo must be eradicated in Ikorodu and Nigeria as a whole. May God help us.

  4. Jilo

    July 3, 2017 at 2:48 PM

    We black people especially we Africans are still living in dark continent. In 2017 we are still practicing culture of ignorance and self destruction. I can’t just figure out why some people are still believing that using human blood will proffer a solution to their political ambition. They are going there to steal money, why do they have to kill in order to achieve this? that is why I kept on repeating that phrase that the secret of our stability lies within our leaders. They are the ones destroying this nation by luring some feeble minded and unemployed young folks to go and kill for them. That is why I don’t envy any of those politicians because they are spending blood money.

    Out of 100% Nigerian politicians only 7% have never used human as sacrifice to attain their position. They are all cult of ritualists. If we can squash politics today in Nigeria, half of Nigeria problem will be solved. The rate of crime emanated from politics arena alone since 1999 has quadriple than in the 80’s. Let’s look at previous cases like Soka in Ibadan, Abeokuta etc. Nobody has never being prosecuted or convicted because the big men will definitely appear later and order the release of those arrested. How long do we have to hurt ourselves? I’m so worried about our situation in Nigeria.

    • jay

      July 4, 2017 at 1:26 PM

      dont fooled, its common in the west too

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